Cold Mountainous.


"Cold Mountainous."

Large abstract painting on paper anticipating a snowboarding holiday.
Acrylic Aqueous Dispersion on stretched 150gsm paper
Not yet measured
Winter 2004

First of three, halfway between the next two and the previous four in style.

The photograph of this painting was taken while it was still attachted to the wall with gum strip, which is still visible around the edges.

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# James Morris on 18:30 Monday 2 March 2015:

hi there, how may i help you, i've come to realise, that's the reason, how may i achieve assurance, i am too flippant, i don't think you can do that now, i am your superior, i forgot my manners, i am not here for your benefit, you may not do that again, i am suddenly awoken, you too resist, i have utmost relation, do yourself temporarily, i count my temptations, terrible things have happened elsewhere, i frequently have dreams, i have a big question to ask but it escapes me, you live your life, temporary toll road, you got it in spades, left for right, a cry for a cry, a tear for a tear, a knows for a knows, the sum of 1 million english great poundings,

* resistors are elongated french fries dipped in television.

hi i am seeking resistors for my electronics product i may need ten times the amount you have if you have any, if you have none i need none of what you have.

* you too can fly in your dreams if only your dreams came true

hi i am dreaming of resistors, they plague the house of parliment, they
reek of shipwrecks doused in temptation cast adrift by the flatulence of farmers. hi i am dreaming of treachery, wrapped in kebab, i am dreaming of treachery lost in the wooden bassoon of reason.

hi i am going to break wind of you, you've got me a raised eyebrow for dinner, they left you for pudding in aberdeen, they thought you were a gondola, tipped over, vertical rising out the water.

hi i am going to be flabbergasted in every day of spring by the crop sprayer leaning against the timber framed wheelie. you got my goat trapped in the hills beneath a fallen tree, near the entrance to a cave.

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