The original version of this track was too awful,
even by my standards. i did begin to upload it,
but even the network refused permission for it
to be listened to.

http://www.jwm-art.net/art/audio/damp_grass-v2.mp3(dead link)

The original version, named damp_grass_trash, was
so bad, even the name could not justify.


The drums have been re-worked. hardened. some sou-
nds removed. the track follows the contours of off
road trails lined with loose flint stone. follows
the contours of single-track paths lined with rabbit
holes and horse hoof prints through fields of young

Follows the contours of riding for more than 2hrs
having not done so for six months - fatigue, exert-
ion - with another hour to go.

Follows the contours of the weather falling from
10C and dry, to 5C and rain.

http://www.jwm-art.net/art/audio/damp_grass-v2.mp3(dead link)

( 6.0 mb 00:04:53 )





Track based around a field recording of me laying on damp grass talking to myself down a long metal tube.

release date: Sunday 6th April 2008
file size: 6.0 mb
duration: 00:04:53 hh:mm:ss

This photograph (taken two years ago) shows an area of the marshes not far where I made the recording of myself talking down a long metal tube while laying down on the damp grass. Yeah, whatever.

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