Drawing Board Project

This personal project began mid April 2007. It is an attempt to construct a large drawing board measuring 1.7 x 2.1 metres with a vertically sliding ruler. The board is mounted on a frame which in turn sits on wall mountings. It can be removed for access to the ruler mechanism (wires and pulley wheels).

The aim of the project is to have a large surface on which 1.5 metre widths of paper can be stretched. The paper can then be marked out squarely for painting on, before being cut down, also squarely.

The project is near completion. The board is mounted to the wall and it has the sliding rule mechanism in place along with a length of aluminium in place for the ruler. It has not turned out as well as I wished. The edges of the board are not perfectly straight or parallel so the ruler motion is not entirely smooth. It still needs some form of weighting to prevent the ruler sliding down to the bottom under gravity, aswell as some mechanism for fixing the ruler in place so it does not move under pressure when used as an edge, ie for cutting straight lines.

Drawing Board Project - Inspiration and Prototype

Drawing Board Project - Box Design


"Drawing Board Project"

Documentation for design and construction of a large 2 metre tall by 1.6 meter wide drawing board with parallel sliding rule.

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