here's a new piece of music-ish sound to :

Gee En Ay Gee N/A - Gnah Gnah

be sure to play it at 33RPM, don't  be  tempted
to speed it up to 45RPM - it's meant to be slow.

also don't forget to play it on speakers which
can reproduce plenty of bass.

* * * thanks to mediaidea for the sample * * *


any comments welcome

Download:  gna-gna.mp3



An experimental track
MPEG-1 layer III, 128 kbps, 44100 Hz joint-stereo
3:36, 3.4mb
23rd May 2007

This is quite an experimental piece for me. In common with Super Duck it does not use any drum noises for rythym. Instead, a two stage synth sound is used (1st stage occurrs on the press of a key, second stage as the key is released). Disjointed rythyms are played with. It's also one of the first tracks that I've really made a major effort with controlling the automation of FX parameters over its duration.

This piece is linked with Nagual in that it uses the same vocal recording made by b xperiments. gna-gna begun as an alternative to the sounds are made for the nagual piece, but was rejected. I continued to work on gna-gna as I found it interesting.

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