More images of '1000ft Above My Head'

I had not completely transferred all the work from the old version of to this. Now I have added some images of 1000 ft Above My Head, Somewhere which show close up detail views, and photographs taken at various stages during the making of the painting.

It's interesting for me to look at the progress images again. I feel that much has been lost in the painting and that it has ended up cold and sterile. But, these things happen and I always choose to do them and accept the consequences. I remember I wanted to do these things to the painting, to get the end-feel it has, slicing and sharpening forms, adjusting the forms, accenuating them, trying to make them uncomfortable to me because of what they suggest...


"More images of '1000ft Above My Head'"

details about the images of '1000ft above my head' added

Journal entry - 02:26 Tuesday 17 July 2007

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