return wellington}

I pushed_process_new_pos( through
"pushed object strata
PLAY_STATE&actions[*enumeration reflexively
{ xor_move* if(omv) reductionist state
#endif oral tradition.

although action->xor_PUSH){ is supple enough
create_gravity_chain(cont&CT_action*) and barter
action=omv->from_map]; via tendril scope.

* not if printf( & an object MOVE_DEBUG conditions *
#ifdef mvini==MVI_GRAVITY){ stare hastily
if(action->CT_PUSH\n"); pretend it did not
pushed onto it. pushed stifling silence
return PLAY_PROCESS_MOVE; to renderer, the moon.

/* detects the same two free(omv); circus fracture
move_gravity_process(* below, having them there);
also, printf("pushed object & #ifdef MOVE_DEBUG
detonate action->mvi_dir; burrow underground

creates the correct behaviour...
politely policing policies
create_gravity_chain(*bomb xmvlist_create(fear);
if(if an object has gravitated onto it, CT_HARDPUSH\n");
stereoscopic cranial float

free(* a should only *); but never once, doubt

omv was omv->dir=*/ violence

return if(xmvlist_append_xor_move(testicle))
move_object_init({omv)==CT_PASS){ flotilla
omv omv); mars rover
PLAY_PROCESS_MOVE;}}} vacuuming detachment

return when and if(action->cont&CT_HARDPUSH){
"non gravitating or hard-pusha\n" please nicely
PLAY_PROCESS_MOVE; process return groove}.

move_hard_push(#endif omv fragrance);
solicit rare stamps.

move_object_init if horoscope permits
{(omv) not now.

(omv);(omv);PLAY_PROCESS_MOVE; fidgeting.

#ifdef free return fillet}
printf(#endif potatoes);
return wellington}


"return wellington}"

C code (from XorGramana) cut up and paste

Journal entry - 12:20 Saturday 9 May 2009

The code in this case was taken from a C 'header' file (where data structures and functions are declared) from the game XorGramana which I've been working on this year.

This piece captures for me (or reminds me) of (almost) how I first imagined writing computer programs to be like, like before you realise the computer (or compiler) can't actually read your mind - before you realise that is what you're expecting of it.

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