_MAP_H inside a machine

#ifndef _MAP_H at work today i was inside a
#define _MAP_H machine. i had been asked to

#include "types.h" clean out all  the waste
#include "defs.h" product,   by  a  setter,
#include "actions.h" before      production
#include <stdio.h> resumed.  to  enter,   i

typedef struct squeezed   between   plastic
    xy_t x; pipes and metal structure.
    xy_t y; it was arkward to get the  thin
}xy; plastic  lids into the rubbish bag due

typedef struct to  the  confined area where
    ss_t x; various  parts   of   machinary
    ss_t y; jutted into.  a while later the
}xy_offset; setter returned and told me  he

typedef struct would  open a side panel which i  might  be
    map_t*  word;       /* word as icons/map data       */
    xy      pos;        /* position of first letter     */
    su_t    dir;        /* direction of word            */
    bool    state;      /* solved yet?                  */
    xy      unblock_pos;/* unblock pos when solved      */
    map_t*  unblock_ptr;/* ptr to map data of coord     */
    map_t** word_ptr;   /* array of ptrs to map coords  */
    map_t   block; able to  squeeze  through to reach  the
}xg_word; remainder of the plastic lids unlucky enough  to

typedef struct have fallen  into the  machine  instead  of  continuing
    char*       filename; their journey along the production line  and
    char*       title; reaching the customer. i was getting hot inside
    ctr_t       max_moves;      /* max moves allowed to complete map*/
    su_t        width; the machine, and bothered too. I wanted to  get
    su_t        height; out of the machine as fast as I could. It  had
    map_t**     data; been a rather tight fit to  squeeze through  the
    xy          player[2];      /* initial positions            */
    xy          mappc[4];       /* coords of map piece 0 1 2 3  */
    xy          teleport[2];    /* positions, scanned           */
    su_t        level;          /* user's choice                */
    su_t        mask_count; panel and into the machine. it  was  dirty
    xg_word     words[MAX_WORDS_TO_SOLVE]; and oily in there.  i  left
    bool        complete; the panel open so I could throw the lids out
}xg_map; for i would not have been able to remove the rubbish bag if i

/*  the solutions take the form of:                             *
 *  1) a list of words                                          *
 *  2) a list of x,y positions for first letter of each word    *
 *  3) a list of directions right,down how each word should be  *
 *     placed.                                                  *
 *  (once the player has arranged letters such that these words *
 *   can be read at the respective positions in the map, then   *
 *   player can finish the level and go through the exit.)      */

extern xg_map* map; had  of  filled it  within the machine.    the

void xg_map_create(const char* title, int width,int height); panel
void xg_map_destroy(); kept closing and so i propped it open  with
void xg_map_load(su_t level); plasic lids. a short while later the

char* xg_map_load_read_name(su_t level); side panel  closed  again

/*  map_get_teleport checks the coordinates passed against
    those in the map->teleports array and returns 0 if
    coordinate is teleport 0, and 1 if coordinate is teleport
    1. returns 99 if coord is not a teleport.
su_t map_get_teleport(xy_t x, xy_t y); and so i pushed it open and

void xg_map_apply_edging(); then it closed again  so i  pushed  it

bool is_wall(xy_t x, xy_t y); open and then it closed again  so  i

/*  test map against word solutions, return TRUE if all matches */
bool map_check_solved(); pushed it open and this  time  felt  that

#ifdef MAPDEVMODE somebody was trying to close it with me inside!!
void map_dump_solve_state(); i was rather worried it  was  someone
#endif who had not seen me  inside the machine  and was  going  to

#endif /* _MAP_H */ start it up with me inside!! So  I  pushed  it
open again. This time it flew open and an angry young face  stared
at me and shouted "we're trying to get past with the fork-lift! if
you push  this door  open again  i'll f##king crush  you in it!!!"


"_MAP_H inside a machine"

An incident at work, today told inside a C header file.

Journal entry - 22:33 Tuesday 12 May 2009

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