a think pit ptr++; machine,

bool map_check_solved() in the factory where i work, it is very
red if(options->game){ noisy. everybody who enters the  factory
slugs   if(player.masks_collected==map->mask_count) floor    is
 think you  return (map->complete=TRUE); obliged  to  wear  ear
 hip    return (map->complete=FALSE); protection.  there  is  a
ass bool ret=TRUE; /* until proven otherwise */  dispenser   on
 at xg_word* wp=map->words; the wall, near the entrance,  where
why while(wp->word){ you turn a handle and foam ear plugs  drop
 felt   xy_t y=wp->pos.y; out. you squeeze these, while rolling
  sun   bool state=TRUE; /* until proven otherwise */ them   in
 podium map_t* ptr=wp->word; your fingers before  pushing  them
 lept   map_t* mptr=&map->data[y][wp->pos.x]; into each of your
  still while(*ptr&&state){ ears in turn.                      
 yelling.   if(*ptr!=*mptr){ ordinarily, fork-lift  trucks  are
shallow win a   ret=state=FALSE; plainly  audible  and   fairly
politics twin a break; visible, but when you are  inside  of  a
    tressle }
a think pit ptr++; machine, in a cramped  space,  hunched over,
lack string if(wp->dir==MV_DOWN) picking up rubbish,  you  have
cyclic pine nut mptr=&map->data[++y][wp->pos.x]; to trust  that
ampage sang else anybody outside of the machine is going to  be
what else did i mptr++; aware of your vulnerable position.  all
rummage }
colloid if(wp->unblock_ptr){ you can hear is the  sound  of the
colophon    if(!state){ other machines, beside the one  you are
sissy spacek    if(*wp->unblock_ptr==ICON_FLOOR) within,    all
collapsed svn trunk *wp->unblock_ptr=wp->block; you  can see is
haggard old }
   quantum  else{ the  inside of the machine,  and it  is  only
 semi-quaver    if(*wp->unblock_ptr==wp->block){ through   gaps
besaged soothing    *(wp->unblock_ptr)=ICON_FLOOR; you  can see
 roofpaste nail all #ifdef WITH_SOUND what  is  beyond.   i  am
hyper digger tyre   AG_sound_event(SND_WORD_SOLVED); angry  and
fled remark hiscore #endif saddened for being shouted and sworn
totem quad sent }
 pentagolem }
 ugly   }
 serif  if(state!=wp->state){ at. obvious, so obvious: the next
 sappling   wp->state=state; time  you   shut  a  person  in  a
 treasure   game_win_display(); machine,   please    have   the
 mug handle #ifdef MAPDEVMODE common  courtesy   to  tell  that
 flop tick  map_dump_solve_state(); person why you need to shut
 gun shred  #endif them in the machine before you do  so.  that
   hop  }
 kick   wp++; way nobody gets upset.
bed return (map->complete=ret);


"a think pit ptr++; machine,"

More about work today, told inside a C function.

Journal entry - 00:12 Wednesday 13 May 2009

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