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yesterday i left today until today
yesterday i did some things
yesterday i cut some wood
yesterday i wrote some text but never sent it
yesterday i spoke of myself that wasy yesterdayt
yesterday i screwed some screws
yesterday i leant against a wall two bricks wide and discovered it had no
structural support from the wall of the shed i had fixed a frame into
where a window once had been.

yesterday i boarded up a window.
yesterday i wrote sum teckst i cooled @sooper teckst \1@
yeseterdaty i spake of myslef
yesterday i was yesterday not me today
yesterday i collected wood . wood offcuts from when i used to make
supports for canvases. offcuts of wood that at a place where i once
worked several years ago i was suposed to throw in a skip.

yeserterdast oh yesterdayt oh ytesterdats.

yeasterrsdat i cut some word to burn it
yesdtayrgtd i screwed up some newspaperp and throw it in rayburn
yesterday and yestersday oh i threw together some dinner fro my
girlfriend and i

yesterdat oh yesterday i cooked the sausauges meet polait  that my
girlfriend did make and did freeze

yesterdat i did some stuff and spent almost no time on the computer

yesertdat ui planned on buying some cement todayt

yesdterdat the neighboiyr told me i could ave all is wood that hed sawn
up which once was is gartden decking.

yesterdat i said to myself i'll get in first thing in the morning

yesterdat i giot covered in dyst.

yesterdasty i got cobverrd ibn tdysts

and cobwebs
and all sorts of dirt

teasyseftsday i didi all sorts of styff

yesterday i spoke bvulumes of styuff in  a text i necer sent

yesterdasy i borrowed my fathers electric drill oh no that was the dayt
before byuty

yesterfrsay i used my fathers electrid diril with hammer head action

yesterday io unwound a very long acable from the kitchen window up to the
shed and it was so long i could haver unwound b eyond and into the
feield where the dbulls do graze

yesterday tyhe hammer head actyion of the drill nearly shook the mortar
out of the bricksowkrs
yesterdat i drilled uinto an old shed which must be very old because it
nearly fell down

yesterrday i spoke voluymse themsy

yesterday what else did i do?

yesdterdays s i looked forward to the camera arriving that my girlfiriend
did purchase on eb ay

yesterday i was going to sspend my time asemic wriying byut i had no
photograph takeing eqyuipment that would work properkly

yesterday i ate sausage meat plait with puff pastry and sausahe meat from
the local butcher

yesterday i recycled some wood from the neighbours garden decking and
madfe it into a frame to board up a window-shaped-hole in the shed
thayt's not got much life left in it yet

yesterday oh yesterday none of mt dreams faded awa<yt because they've
been fadin g away for many a day

yesterday i forgot my nights dreaming
yesterdayt oi had no idea i'd write this today

yesterday maybe if i'd have planned it yesrerdat i'd know how to
conc.lude this todaty.

yesterday oh yesterday oh yesterday oh yesterday was not today yeseterdsy
was not today was not dotdat oh yesrterdast awas not today was not today
yes yesterday wasnot today it werenot today yesy yesterday wrre not
today it ain't today no f##king it aint today yes yesyterdayu it aint
today it ainty today

yesterday my dreams fade wawya and when id did tdream i dreanmt of todayt.

yeasterfsy iuf you'd ave seen me you'd ave thought i was a right
scruffy chav of no good origins just a bit of dirt you'd steppefon your
shoe i wore tracky bottoms with the right leg abnobve my ankle all torn
from ridiong my bike and the coat that i wore was several years old as
it is till today a n old ski jacket from 2005 it's what iwear and i was
all diryt my air is a mess my beard i can't be bovvead tyo shace oh

oh yesterday oh yesterday yesterday



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