2004 Gary Fisher Marlin Disc RIP

My partner and I went on holiday in the end of March to the Forest of Dean. She planned it all and I gave very little input, but to my delight discovered a fantastic mountain bike trail a mere two miles down the road from the cottage in which we stayed. It was the Verderers Trail.

On the third day in a row of cycling it I was going down one of the first fast bermed sections when I heard a twanging noise and a tiny rattle thereafter. The twanging noise was a spoke breaking in the front wheel. I decided though to carry on cycling and recorded this:

Because it was so much fun I went back for more the following day despite the broken spoke. As the Verderers trail was graded blue I wanted to ride the red trails. It may have been the drop-offs and sustained hammering from tree-roots and rocks which caused this crack in the frame:

I didn't notice the crack until this morning and I'd been out for a 20 mile ride two days earlier. The only reason I noticed was because I was giving the frame it's first polish since I'd owned it (having just read dirt doesn't stick so easily to a polished frame).

Here's a list of components I've upgraded over the years:

* Selle Italia flow saddle
* Ergon GP1 Biokork grips
* FSA Orbit XLII headset
* Manitou Axel Elite 100mm Forks (increase of 20mm)
* Shimano Bottom Bracket (replacing no-name branded BB)
* Shimano Deore chainset/crank
* Shimano PD-M520 clipless pedals
* Shimano XT front derailleur
* Shimano Deore XT rear derailleur
* Shimano XT rear hub + Mavic XM 321 rims
* Numerous SRAM PG971 rear cassettes and chains



"2004 Gary Fisher Marlin Disc RIP"

Mountain bike photographs and crack in frame.

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