Interspersed Monkey Boy


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 i dreampt  about a  little monkey-boy  the  other
 morning. a small creature: but human.

 i was holding him in my arms,  he was around 30cm
 tall. he had strong little grippy hands.
 he spoke good english considering.  he had black
 hair all over his otherwise human face and body -
 without clothing - but like with a dog or cat, he
 was not naked.

 i asked him how old he was  and he said he was  22
 years old. i was surprised but believed him.  then
 off he went - bouncing away at speed, beyond some
 trees, towards some buildings lower down the hill.


<  <  <  I  N  T  E  R  S  P  E  R  S  E  D  >  >  >

drums from mv-ing cutup & rearranged into a new loop
and fx applied.. loop cutup into 32 pieces each with
two or three or four drum sounds.. each piece loaded
into 'specimen' software sampler  and  spread across
keyboard. drums sequenced in muse  with audio output
into two jack racks  -  one filtering out bass,  the
other filtering out treble.
then recorded output of jack-racks into ardour2  and
cutup and re-arranged once more. more recordings  of
drums with different fx - cutup & interspersed.
BX/BP singing sample  used in specimen  to  create a
voice-like pad patch.
ZynAddSubFX sequenced  via MuSe(quencer) - again two
different recordings made of  this using  Zyn's  pad
engine and ADD engine.  ie  ravey-davey/acid aow-aow

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             <<  history = 22yrs old  >>
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Download:  monkey_boy.mp3


"Interspersed Monkey Boy"

an audio/music track with a some kind of relationship to a dream...
44.1 kHz, VBR joint-stereo MPEG-1 Layer III
4:14 5.1mb
17th November 2007

It might happen that I work some more on this... I don't know. There's some single-sample-clicks which I had spent quite some time removing but bad-memory-crashes brought some of them back again - it's lo-fi, dude.

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