Oh lucky you,

It appears everyone is a winner in this game. So here you are then, two
fantastic bits of art as your prizes:

art bit 1: (499357bytes) [ ]
  this is an mp3 audio file. three main sections can't think music term
  for it. starts off all well and jolly, might proceed with might, ends

art bit 2: (2618853bytes) [ ]
  this is a png image file. started as text accompany mp3, chickened-out,
  took screenshot, censored, took more screenshot. screenshot of
  audio layout, layered, screenshot of empty desktop, differenced.

Your prizes probably finished uploading by time hour passed of this email

for prizes of all sorts

Download:  penonpaper-c.mp3



A three-sectioned piece of 'music' with improvised keyboard playing and three different forms of synthesis/sampling along with an image.
MPEG-1 layer III, 128 kbps, 44100 Hz joint-stereo
5:12, 4.8mb
9th June 2007

This track I created after upgrading my Linux system from Debian 3.0 to Debian 4.0, and for the first time being able to compile and use Ardour instead of the older version.

It consists of three passages, the first uses ZynAddSubFx, the second MX44, and the third Linux Sampler. Of course each has effects applied and then within Ardour2 more effects are applied to the entire lot to create some odd accompaniment, along with a track of pink-ish noise filtered with modulation by a Lorenz attractor.

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