QTest Fallibility



#### shove this round ya lugholes and be grateful
#### for its awfulness.

http://www.jwm-art.net/art/audio/qtest_fallibility.mp3(dead link)

something i was working on for some time and it died.
                    (and tried me).
with meander_fall, a couple of people said they liked
it and meander_fall was the result of me trying to make
a mess of mtb_pst_night (+ other stuff) whereas this
does not have the (+ other stuff) but i'm trying to make
a mess of the track i called qtest (which i started by
testing qtractor a young but good  new sequencer for linux
(except i can't change time signature part way through))
in the same way that i made meander_fall. well i got two
good responses from doing that but i don't think i'll get
that from this. but nevermind that here's this and make of
it what you will. and maybe i will go back to it and try
and stop all the levels from getting so out of control
which is probably the cause of this getting so crunchy but
it did make it more interesting than the 'dry(ish)' version.

+/- fb welcome.

Cheers, chin-chin, best regards,


"QTest Fallibility"

An audio track which died and I tried to resuscitate.
MP3 Audio: 04:43 mm:ss ... 6.9mb ... 44.1khz 16bit stereo...

I'm still using the same sounds I recorded for my Zen and the New Media Art of Bicycle Mechanics thing. As time has progressed they've been getting more and more distorted and fx-laden. No bad thing. Still using the Specimen sampler for Linux for handling samples. This time I had two instances of Specimen each with the same bank of recorded 'drum' samples, with one bank on one channel and the other on another. This allows two Jack-Rack instances to handle different effects for each bank. The sequencing of said drum sounds was done in Qtractor - the first time I've really got to grips using it. Like I say above, it's a jolly fine program except no meter change midway along a track - yet.

So I lay out all my drum sequences and even get some automation of the fx going and then add a few melodic type sounds --- falling by default straight back to ZynAddSubFx (bad habbit, what about MX44?).

This all then gets recorded in Ardour2 and then I can get rid of all the soft-samplers, soft-synths, and FX racks (as it's all recorded now). So then I add more fx to this. It's all going swimmingly. Great!

Pre-amp emulation, cabinet emulation, eq boosts, phasers, etc.

And then one day it sounds not so good and I re-arrange it. Then it sounds not so good and I re-arrange some more and start fiddling with bits, reversing them, cutting them up, transposing them, time-stretching them.

And then one day I realise it's dead and so I leave it for a week or two.

And then I remember what I did with meander fall(dead link) and two people actually liked it! So hey presto, let's try some of that! Yeah, whack in more effects, screw with their parameters. Oooh nice, I'm enjoying this!


Right, now, let's try and get it sounding good. Oooops. So the levels get a bit twisted. Well I've got it as good as I can for now and probably for ever, but for now it is finished as my artistic instinct says it must be so, so accept my word for it even if you think it sounds totally 'wrong' - i like 'wrong' sounding right now.

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