Racy Daisy Gravy



"Racy Daisy Gravy"

A heavily effects laden track with frequent metre changes.
MP3 Audio @ 05:33 mm:ss, 5.1mb download.
Thursday 8th January 2009

http://jwm-art.net/art/audio/racy_daisy_grazy.mp3(dead link)

Racy Daisy Gravy

   - OR(IG) -

Racy Daisy Grazy

from alternating bpms to alternating meters: 7/4 && 7/8 @ 99bpm.

this track consists entirely of drums and fx. 1 set of drums sent
to a bus, and another, split to two (L+R), combined again, sent
back to 1st.

within feedback loop:
 more pitch shifting + parametric equalizers boosting narrow bands
 of frequencies + low/high pass filtering, amp simulators, reverb,

drum patterns:
 this time not a cut-up drumloop, but several loops of individual
 drum-sounds, cutup and re-arranged. cut-up audio glued to position,
 aid transformation from 7/4 to 7/8. drums originally from hydrogen,#
 recorded in ardour, cutup + arranged + fx produced in ardour. vintage
 delay adds extra hits (in tempo) to certain drums.

 feedback loop fx .. >> .. knob-tweaked-melody >> pure sci-fi fx fix.

sound and feel:
 became much less experimental than originaly half started out as.
 never highly experimental, but there was some intention for it to be
 (x-perry-mental). 1st:use fx to make it sound odd -discard. 2nd:use fx
 to pull disparate together --disable-experimental.

 a recording made (zoom h4 portable recorder, twin x-y mic),
 (audible at start, mostly inaudible elsewhere) of a (probable)
 radio transmission recieved by a logitech PC speaker system
 (with power unit located in subwoofer). PC itself switched off.
 speaker volume all the way down. transmission heard very quietly.
 sounds as if receiving transmission of a reception device x-fading
 or mixing together various random radio transmissions, of various
 languages. mostly inaudible here.

http://jwm-art.net/art/audio/racy_daisy_grazy.mp3(dead link)


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