RB4 Star 01

RB4* track01

http://www.jwm-art.net/art/audio/rb4star/rb4star_track01.mp3(dead link)

Ok, so. If I remember rightly... Hmmmm. I can't describe to
you what makes this track different from the rest of the
tracks I attempt to get you net-arty-wet-farty people to
listen to. Ummmm. What makes it different is the fact that
I made the bulk of this track ten years ago and recorded it
onto casette tape ten years ago. Last month I threw all my
old tapes away, but this one - RB4* - escaped. Today I have
imported the song into ardour2, and sent various frequency
ranges on little separate bus routes to some kind of
******** ************** ******* *********** ***** *****
or something not (un)like that at all.

I think what it is, is the for me new juixter-position of
sounds. The old track, recorded from a tape recording,
with pad-sound to (praise be to zynaddsubfx as ever)
ac-company. The new sound having not with the existed

http://www.jwm-art.net/art/audio/rb4star/rb4star_track01.mp3(dead link)


Download: rb4star_track01.mp3(dead link)


"RB4 Star 01"

A remix/remaster of a track that I made over ten years ago and recorded on tape.

release date: Thursday 10th April 2008
file size: 5.9mb
duration: 00:04:35 hh:mm:ss

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