Spectral Fractal Screen Print


Just wasting time...

Spectral Fractal Screen Print MP3
A Mandelbrot image encoded in the frequency domain.

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[ 2.89mb / 00:01:19 hh:mm:ss ]

Looks like a screen print. Sounds like a marvellous machine!?

It's pretty & pretty pointless. Needs spectrogram/sonogram to see.

Most of what is audible to the human ear in this is decoration, does not
form the image. The image is decoration made mostly of components barely
distinguishable to the human ear. The audio has been squeegeeeeeed.




"Spectral Fractal Screen Print"

A piece of audio which reproduces an image of the Mandelbrot-Set when viewed through the frequency domain via a sonogram/spectragram.
MPEG-1 layer III, VBR, 44100 Hz joint-stereo
1:19, 2.9mb
30th May 2007

A higher than usual MP3 encoding quality has been used to retain the 'image', normally the high frequencies would be filtered out. The image shows a Mandelbrot-Set image encoded within the frequency domain of the audio. The original M-Set image was generated by gkII - Mandelbrot Mangler.

The two panes show the left and right channels respectively. Frequency is represented on the horizontal axis, with the furthest left of a pane equal to 0 Hrtz, and the right of the pane, representing 22050* Hrtz.

Amplitude of any given frequency is represented by the colour scale with black meaning zero amplitude, gradually increasing in volume through blue, green, yellow, and with red representing full amplitude. Time is represented via the vertical axis with the present beginning at the top and the bottom further into the past.

* Lookup the Nyquist frequency if you want to know the reason for that particular number (it is to do with the sampling rate).

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