Above My Head 1000ft - Stage 9


"Above My Head 1000ft - Stage 9"

Stage 9 of 1000ft Above My Head
Acrylic Aqueous Dispersion on 12oz Cotton Duck
173 x 112 x 5.2 cm
Summer 2005

...so that I could apply some nice murky green gloss washes and regain some texture back into the landscape and lose that tele-tubby feel. A fair bit of work went on sharpening form and shadows. The sky has recieved numerous translucent matt layers applied with a cloth. It was left alone once more due to wanting something else to it, but not knowing what. After a month I had still not decided, but rubbed the entire painting with sand paper, in the name of texture. I tending toward thinking the painting will not change much from how it looks here.

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