Clouded Tracks

~4pm: home from work, on computer, audio

~6pm: dinner

~7pm: computer + fed up

~8pm: off computer > fed up(village_life, social_life = 0)

~9pm: down to local pub for a drink, last visit > 2yr ago, 1pint,

~10pm: computer + audio + < less fed up

~11pm: computer + beats

~12pm: other computer upload cloudid.mp3 (filezilla to shutdown computer) link)

~1am: storm: thunder + lightening
~1:15am: recorder(thunder + rain, 23minutes, windowsill)
~1:38am: recorder(thunder + rain, 23minutes, porch (better stereo))
~1:45am: digital camera(lightening, garden, car, garage)
~2am: digital camera(lightening, garden, car, garage, movie_mode)

~2:15am: cup of tea + toast
~2:30am: send email

Download:  clou00v2dtrak-missing.mp3 clou00v2dtrak-complete.mp3

fortunate upload, download ready
please download now
********************************************************************** link) link)

fortunate upload, download ready
please download now

On 1/6/2008, "james jwm-art net" <james at> wrote:

>a poor unfortunate could not upload these files due to continual error
>i'll try again later
>1) link)
>2) link)
>You might want to listen in order presented, but it probably
>makes little difference, but try it.
>These two MP3's both contain 3 audio tracks, two of drums and one
>of speech ('got to speak, got to speak'). On my computer with it's
>2ghz AMD Athlon XP processor (etc), the DSP processing level as
>indicated by Ardour was around 73% which is getting to it's limits.
>I can't do any more to it without Ardour crashing and other problems.
>I tried to create a MIDI sequence, sending notes to ZynAddSubFX but
>the system would not handle it, the sequence would not sequence.
>track 1) "clou00v2dtrak-missing" I had added a high pass filter
>plugin in to the second drum trak and had edited a small section of
>the audio to produce a fill - and made the filter sweep upwards slightly
>during the fill. Sometimes when I played it back, after the fill, the
>drum trak would disappear entirely, other times only the left channel
>would play.
>track 1) "clou00v2dtrak-missing" was exported directly after the fill
>edit and because of this, the 2nd drum track is MISSING entirely from
>the mix. This track is shorter than the 'complete' version because
>the last part did not make sense without the 2nd drum trak.
>track 2) "clou00v2dtrak-complete" is the 'complete' version, I had
>made the fill edit, saved the ardour2 session, closed ardour, and
>restarted jack and reloaded the ardour2 session in a new instance
>of ardour2. Everything played back correctly and exported correctly.
>audio track 1 (s[low] drums)  has no FX, output L to bus 1,
>                                         output R to bus 2
>audio track 2 (crunchy drums) has lots of FX, output L + R to bus 5
>audio track 3 (speech)        has lots of FX, output L + R to master
>bus 1 (M)   has several FX, a send to bus 3, output to bus 5:L
>bus 2 (M)   has several FX, a send to bus 4, output to bus 5:R
>bus 3 (M)   has several FX, output to bus 1
>bus 4 (M)   has several FX, output to bus 2
>bus 5 (ST)  has several FX, output L + R to master
>master (ST) has several FX, output L + R to system
>track 1) "clou00v2dtrak-missing"  has|is something which not the 2nd
>track 2) "clou00v2dtrak-complete" has|is something which not the 1st
>(((difference is only something is missing)))
>style: slow, electronic>>>>>DIGITAL, digital, digital, slow, slow,
>digital, digital slow, slow digital, slow FX automation sweeps,
>the ardour2 audio session for this track hijacked the original cloudid
>audio session, removed the arrangement of audio, used snippets of the
>cloudid audio, ideas for bus connections from cloudid FX, further to,
>the next step from.
>i.e. (principle)
>input >> comb filter >> frequency shifter >> comb filter >> pitch shifter
>>> phaser >> reverb >> lp/hp filter >> hard limiter >> output
>complete version suggests yet-another extension extending outwards
>doomed, last ditch effort, holding onto some old idea that is being let
>go of.
>but i doubt it.
>a poor unfortunate could not upload these files due to continual error
>i'll try again later
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Download: beef_alpha_template_virtual_quadrant_method...mp3(dead link)

Beef%%%%%%%%%% featuring:
Alpha%%%%%%%%% 5 * field
recordings of myself sat
in a field spouting
Template%%%%%% random
gibberish and sometimes
being slightly observant
Virtual%%%%%%% the
(almost the) same bus
load of FX as featuring
but slightly different
Method%%%%%%%% (5
recordings spread over 3
audio trax, that is)
in%%%%%%%%%%%% dl loc:
audio/slimspacey.git(dead link)
Delta%%%%%%%%% 22050 16 2
2.4 5:17
Nowhere%%%%%%% 'tis a
whole lot of fthink || !

Download:  clouded_did_done.mp3 stripping s##t away, bye, i'm going nowehre./ hoorah, hooray./


"Clouded Tracks"

5 audio tracks working with beats and effects (for a change ;-)
May/June 2008

I felt like I was on a roll after QTest Fallibility so changed direction and let the feeling influence me for the first of these 'clouded' tracks.

'cloudid' is quite a simple composition, has minimal (for me) re-arranging and cutting up of the drum loop. Heard as a whole, I was trying to achieve a different kind of sound within well known and established formulas.

The next two, clou00v2dtrak-missing and clou00v2dtrak-complete, went straight back into heavy FX processing, starting off where qtest-fallibility left off. Again, the editing of the drum arrangements is kept minimal, but the FX are heavy enough to create strong variations.

beef_alpha_template_virtual_quadrant_method_in_the_middle_delta_of_nowhere_mate was a bit of a cheat. I had made a recording earlier in the year of myself sat in a field talking random gibberish. I simply replaced the audio waveforms used in clou00v2dtrak-complete, with this recording. Strangely, it works (honest).

clouded_did_done, the final installment, returns to a simplified lo-fi format, but this time the beats have been edited to sound 'glitchy' - not in the clever cyber-master of the universe kind of way, but in a more down-to-earth clumsy-feel-bad-about-my-self kind of way.

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