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Another drum-based track with some early 90's influences.
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Thursday 20th August 2009


TITLE:_ drbt was the original session name,
_______ shortfor drumbeat. quadbike was just
_______ a name that popped into my head to
_______ call the snapshot of drbt which this
_______ track was based upon.

MISC:__ 97 bpm 4/4
_______ 5.4M 2009-08-20 18:01
_______ the session used 96khz sample rate.
_______ exported to 44.1.

_______ mus...@debmus:~$ lame -h --preset standard
drbt/export/drbtquadbike.wav drbtquadbike.mp3

DESC:__ drbt was slightly drum+bass
_______ influenced, not heavily, not
_______ stylistically adhering to d'n'b.
_______ the quadbike snapshot was when i got
_______ a little bored with it and felt like
_______ a change. it became more aphex-twin
_______ like ("i care because you do"-ish but
_______ definitely *only* ish).
_______ probably needs more work, crit welc

HERE:__ http://jwm-art.net/art/audio/drbtquadbike.mp3

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