A blank grass and sky landscape with two abstract figures engaged in some kind of competitive dynamic.
Acrylic Aqueous Dispersion on 12oz Cotton Duck
66 x 41 x 5.2 cm
Spring/Summer 2005 - Yet to be finished (or not).

This painting went through numerous stages, with many layers of paint. Thick and lumpy acrylic was applied early on, and once layers were dry, I used sand paper to reveal spots of earlier layers.

The numerous layers were a result of struggling with the colours. Since the photograph was taken however, I painted the sky a more intense blue and the landscape is a brighter green, only to realise it was a mistaken action. I intend to resolve the colours in 2007, and perhaps the painting itself will evolve further.

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# murks on 19:54 Friday 6 August 2010:

I really like the uhm.. relief? That it's not a plain flat white background it was painted on.

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