Frosty Pictures (Feb-07)

Selected photographs from February 2007, during a frost. Looking for texture.


Frost #1
photograph of frosted brick


Frost #2
photograph of frosted uncut grass


Frost #3
photograph of frosted grass and car tyre tracks


Frost #4
photograph of frosted ivy


Frost #5
photograph of frosted twigs and ground


Frost #6
photograph of frosted short cut grass


"Frosty Pictures (Feb-07)"

Digital photographs of a frost in february 2007

Six frosty photographs looking at texture and surface.

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# James Morris on 20:37 Tuesday 24 February 2015:

Granulating fire flapped frog tongues into disused dimensions of renegade materiality. Often steady, stood clobbered, clinging crisply tonight's stagnating ear wax. Hovercraft well being temporal stasis grinding traffic flow. Oh how much it stinks of nothing but self referenced clockwork mechanisms.

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