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Recording of heatsink strumming session and image of construction.
release date: Thursday 1st May 2008
MP3 file size: 4.4mb
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This construction, evolved from dissatisfaction with a lot of my 'artwork'. Everyone is aware of the recycling trend of the current day, and I thought to combine the two. Why preserve paintings which I find irritating and which nobody wants? Let's do something more constructive with them.

Construction is something I rarely explore in practice but often think about. Continuing with the recycling theme, and incorporating my interest with computing and cycling, old discarded components were added to the construction to bring the two paintings together.

There are two alluminium bars behind the paintings holding them together with the CPU heatsink.

The final part of this piece was to play the heatsink like an instrument. The recording makes use of background noise, the freezer on which the construction is placed, the dog walking on the floor, and traffic and bird song faint in the background. Also, vibrations from plucking the heatsink travel down the construction into the freezer lid straight to the recorder microphones.

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