A painting supposedly depicting the industrial imaginings of an industrial landscape.
Aqueous dispersion acrylic on stretched 150gsm cartridge paper.
150 x 150 cm
October - December 2003

Inspired while working at the 'advanced drying plant' bagging aggregates. The landscape outside was constantly shifting as big CAT's roamed.

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# Donald Crowter on 21:07 Monday 16 February 2009:

Yup, this has got what it takes. A sense of space, outdoors, and remoteness. Commercial? I think you just have to find the right wall to hang your stuff on. A cafe? Someones lilac wall? But, you are right philosophically. Paint to please yourself and then if it pleases others, that's a bonus. And if they like it enough to part with cash, hey that's real complimentary! Bon chance! D.

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