No_Comment == TRUE

Disabled comment making on this site. The fact it was there to disable in the first place was an experiment. Today, I received over 2000 emails sent when my PHP script 'detects' a spammer making a comment.

This experiment has run for a month and a half. Most of the comments have been spam, and I deleted them. The rest of the comments were generally posted by me, with one or two by one or two other people.

Lesson Learnt?

Some notes of slight interest:

The first spammers, were infrequent, a few times a week. This slowly increased, where I'd get six or seven comments several times a week.
My PHP comment adding script sent me an email so I could delete spammy comments ASAP. Until today this was a good thing.

There's three things I could do:

a) Stick with writing my own code and disable comments permenantly.

b) Stick with writing my own code and work harder to prevent spammers.

c) Do what everyone else does and find a library of code which will handle it for me.

Option c is for the first time, starting to look favourable, and really is the sensible option. I've disabled comments already, but the other two options are going to have to wait...

I'm coding on wcnt - Wav Composer Not Toilet at this general blurry point in time. I'm using other people's code libraries - which is a first for wcnt - something I have previously been dead against - but the realisation that I've reached certain personal limits... gotta be realistic right?


"No_Comment == TRUE"

Why I've disabled comments

Journal entry - 00:08 Friday 23 November 2007

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