Various: Audio

The old website here has been a bit quiet lately...Sorry, I've been busy...

There's a number of audio MP3's I've uploaded into the /art/audio/(dead link) directory which I've not created pages for, yet.

Here's a list of them (in descending order by date):

porters_rubbish_run.mp3(dead link)*
trigger_happy2.3i.mp3(dead link)*
trigger_happy2.3-misc.mp3(dead link)*
trigger_happy2.2-rock_king_of_stone.mp3(dead link)
trigger_happy2.mp3(dead link)
nostalgia.mp3(dead link)**
just_one_minute_i_just_cant_stop.mp3(dead link)
price_crash.mp3(dead link)*

* = recommended ** = super-recommended.

The porters_rubbish_run.mp3 track was recorded on my new portable digital sound recorder, nice (still getting to grips with it). The others were created using my program (Wav Composer Not Toilet) as I tested and developed the latest version of it.


"Various: Audio"

New audio created over the past couple of months.

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