wcnt-1.26-pre Released!

Since near the end of November 2007 I have been programming my 'pet' project, wcnt. wcnt is a commandline not-real-time modular audio synth, sequencer, and sampler for the GNU/Linux based computer.

This is the second release building up to wcnt-1.26

Since wcnt-1.25.5, the program has undergone many important changes.

  * libsndfile: the audio file IO lib from mega-nerd.com allows wcnt
    to read and write *WAV* audio in other data formats besides 16bit
    pcm. Consequently, all 16bit 'audio' inputs and outputs have been
    removed. *** Make sure you have it installed *** :)

  * LADSPA: a number of modules (9) have been created to use a select
    few LADSPA plugins. These provide much better filters, reverb,
    limiting, and compression. More might be added in future.

  * orbit module: impliments three orbit fractals which iterate upon
    a trigger, and the output of which is scaled (via an iteration
    test) within the -1.0 to +1.0 range.

  * adsr_scaler data object: allows indivdual sections of previously
    defined adsr modules to be scaled on the time axis. it's quick
    and easy.

  * improved command line option handling: help describing the command
    line options. several new options such as --dont-run and --no-title.
    module help now lists the modules sorted into three alphabetical
    collumns to make life easier.

  * many memory leaks plugged, and numerous operational bugs squashed.

  * no more -ffast_math compiler optimizations causing dodgy calculations.

  * removed sine_wave and tri_wave modules altogether.

  * wave module: a new easy-to-use module for quickly generating sine,
    triangle, and sawtooth waveforms and a number of variations of these
    outputting in the 0.0 to +1.0 range (instead of -1.0 to +1.0).

  * wave_phase module: comes close to the old sine_wave and triangle_wave
    implimentations. seperate phase trigger and phase_step inputs, and
    seperate phase_step input for a shaping waveform. improved algorithm
    means it's more likely to do what it's meant to :). new parameter to
    invert every other phase (or every other partial phase etc), combined
    with shaping (ie multiplication of two waveforms) allows a greater
    variety of waveforms to be created.

  * dc_filter and rms modules: no longer do their calculations in such an
    extremely deffective manner.

  * deg_size type inputs and outputs renamed to the far more sensible
    phase_step type.

  * constant_freq and constant_note: two new constant modules which
    output translations of their parameter, so they're independant of
    the sample rate unlike doing the same thing with the constant module.

  * balance module: this is the modifier module renamed to show what it
    actually does: balance two signals.

  * modifier module: does something much more interesting than balance
    two signals - ie combining two waveforms to create a third.

  * many code changes and improvments.


"wcnt-1.26-pre Released!"

Wav Composer Not Toilet 1.26 Pre Release

Journal entry - 01:11 Monday 7 January 2008

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