Misc/Various (../ April Fool )..\

post cure;

me and the me of me
me and the self as culture referential self processor
slef culture me process reference clutcher imaginary
the imaginary process of an imaginary feelings processor processing
imaginary processes, feeling.
slef slef slef.

post cure 10 yr.

10yr; yr art sks;


../../../../../test culture referential slef slave slef self elf slave
slavish left slef self righting slef left heightening
charicature../../../../\n\n\n\n\t; <br>

test slef culture, mature, chewer, colour, slef test self culture
agriculture self reference interference pheasants, ferrets.../../../../ &

cout < int main void ( eye ); #ifslef define self

bad health fell, tree like, chop shop, butcher,
agri-glow, fellow sow reach watch weed crow.

random agricultural artifacts entice self referent culture vulture hack,
into cultural mining worker-class little bees. B B Bees. Stop right where
are son. Stop right there. Step away from your life.
_ =_  -

interfearence runny state solid state interstate collaborate
interperculate, interoperate, interpolate, pollenate, hate, rate, freight,
straight, gait, trait, slate, weight, second state. 

reference: zero alpha carrot teens, agony can't & int main void *
vitamin_x && int p_star_start.

reference: zero guilded aluminium particule participle, past, future now,
emination, porch, brain, time, light, image imagined, dream imagined,
memory imagined. nothing imagined, just made up and recalled when and when
and when.

break dance down chown interfrown ploughn, crown, goto town; plough:
interference B( reference C: collage: D( -1 &
p_zzzzz^(z-1)*(froid*glimpse-1)+=@@^jrevb)):int refence £slef££;

please see that this citation sighted sign sinewave some time, reference
rent, slef felt left self righting righteous, riotous, riot to us, self
self interest % age gone, nothing here, step away, rendevous alpha B:
createen page turnip, greatings, gratious BETA garramonoculture for ever
mono self culture slef mono culture slef mono slef none



"Misc/Various (../ April Fool )..\"

just felt inclined to write something

Journal entry - 00:30 Tuesday 1 April 2008

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