jwm-art.net update coming soon...

upcoming improvements

* contact form no longer processes the contact message on a
seperate page
* comment form re-instated with improved spam-detection and
spam-denial measures.
* comment form not displayed unless 'add comment' button
* submitted comment no longer takes user away from page being
commented about
* one or two new 'tags' for making possible a number of visual
text things or something
* one or two strange quirks removed for simplification (for
instance, the ability to override the 'parent' of a particular
page will no longer exist).
* various methods/processes removed from main layout building
code such as a new links processing class, a new text processing
class, etc, etc.
* various directories have been taken below the public
jwm-art.net root directory, ie include files and data files.
* now using php5 instead of php4, so classes have been re-worked
to use private data and public accessor methods.

Since finishing CSSNAKETRIX at the start of the month I've been working on updating the website. Looks-wise, only the colours will change (and I'm sitting here looking at the current style, and comparing, and wondering if it's for the better). But behind the scenes, the PHP code has undergone a lot of changes.

I've been looking at my code and trying to seperate parts out into new like-minded source files (this is transparent to you, dear 'net-surfer). This has the benefit of my having to look at the code again, and deal with some of the slackness I'd put into it just to get it online.

Anyway, aside from updating the audio and code pages, I'm also re-instating the comment processing code. The new version goes to greater lengths to resist spambot efforts to post bad comments by requiring the comment-maker to enter a 'security number'. A box of potential security numbers is displayed and by following the instructions the correct number can be found.

Coming soon I hope. A few more things I should do yet, first.


"jwm-art.net update coming soon..."

News about the soon to be update to the site.

Journal entry - 20:48 Wednesday 15 October 2008

DISCLAIMER: The opinions and attitudes of James W. Morris as expressed here in the past may or may not accurately reflect the opinions and attitudes of James W. Morris at present, moreover, they may never have.


# James on 17:49 Monday 20 October 2008:

I am just about to upload this now...

# James on 18:25 Monday 20 October 2008:

I've uploaded this now, am not making this comment on the machine I developed this on - offline. Different monitor so everything looks too dark :-(

Am viewing this in Firefox, which does not display quite the same as Iceweasel does - ie using the whole page width.


# James on 18:28 Monday 20 October 2008:

There also seems to be a slight problem with my GIF image scaling code. On my development machine, offline, the code scales the GIF image and maintains the transparency, but on the online webhosting server, the transparency is lost during the scaling process (by GD) :-(

# James on 20:24 Monday 20 October 2008:

Thanks to the comments at http://php.net/manual/en/function.imagecolortransparent.php the code to scale GIF images now preserves transparent background.

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