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Let me tell you a little story. One day in September, October, or November 2010 I was feeling unhappy. There were probably other days during that time period I felt unhappy but this one is the one I'm writing about. On that day I was feeling extra sorry for myself for I had spent a lot of time computer programming and it seemed that all my effort went unappreciated.

In my unhappiness I decided I would perform an "experiment". The experiment would be to delete my website and see if anyone cared.

The sad result was that nobody cared. Or put another way, nobody asked me why I had deleted it. In my mind that equated with everything on my website being worthless. It still seems fairly logical, but the logic is flawed. I would say "without doubt the logic is flawed" but I'm too much of a doubter for that.

Anyway I need to stop dwelling on that. Unfortunately I'm very much the type of person who does dwell on things. It requires effort for the bored mind to resist the negative forces (of which there are many) attracting one to dwell upon them. Luckily though, the effort of resistance can be transferred to the effort of problem-solving or creativity, provided that is, one has something to do which requires greater effort. The greater effort is required in order for a continuum to be created in which effort of creativity/problem solving is continually displacing the negative forces out of one's mind.

As I understand it though, the negative forces may well be part and parcel of one's self and as such, any effort spent only with the purpose of displacement is a complete waste of time. Effort spent in creativity which happens to displace the negative forces, if viewed purely from the perspective of "did it displace the negative forces or not?" is also a complete waste of time. But then if one wishes to be so narrow minded about such endeavours, one deserves one's time to be wasted doesn't one?


"jwm-art.net restored"

Jwm-art.net restored

Journal entry - 18:35 Wednesday 16 November 2011

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# James Morris on 19:02 Wednesday 16 November 2011:

It has occurred to me that I cannot really judge the weight of effort of one described mental activity against the weight of effort of another described mental activity.

There's humour in this somewhere.

# James Morris on 19:04 Wednesday 16 November 2011:

Please take into considerations all disclaimers!

Add seasoning.

# Alan Sondheim on 22:39 Wednesday 16 November 2011:

I think there are two things at work; first, no one seems to read anything detailed beyond the viral or email, online - at least that's been my experience. I stopped working on my blog years ago and no one commented. The only comments I get on my espdisk.com site is spam - because ESP's a company picked up by spambots. It's a shame. If it's any consolation, I read what you send to netbehaviour religiously! -

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