Blacklisted and Self-censorship

To my dismay I recently discovered has been added to the spam blacklist. This blacklist is used by the likes of facebook and some anti-spam filters. From what I understand it means any email containing a link to my website could get blocked by spam filters. From experience, I know it means facebook displays a big warning against visiting my site along with a declaration that it may be malicious. Only a small barely noticible link is available if you still wish to visit it.

I'm not encouraged by the form provided by for requesting removal of a domain name from their blacklist. They require information such as headers from emails confirming I own the domain name. I don't see how that's possible when I don't have emails confirming I own the domain (only emails containing links which can only be viewed by myself after signing in). Other demands include publication on my site of an anti-spam policy - particularly annoying as don't publish a privacy policy but expect my private contact details. They have also ignored my request for subscription to their mailing list where I had hoped to discuss these issues.

It had me worried about some of the content on this site, particularly the (infrequent) swearing. To this end, I have decided to use a very small amount of self-censorship. I've performed search and replaces for a number of four letter words which replaces the middle two letters with a pair of hash symbols. Additionally, I've prevented the pages containing these words from appearing when following the random link.


"Blacklisted and Self-censorship"

Blacklisted on

Journal entry - 15:12 Monday 20 February 2012

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