Training by Commuting by Bicycle

This week I decided to see how many times I could cycle to work and back. By car the journey is 10 miles but by bicycle I would rather cycle a bit further and avoid a long straight stretch of road that cars go fast along. Especially as I was going to be cycling home in the dark.

So my journey to work by bicycle is over 12.5 miles each way, or 25 miles per day. The purpose being as training for the Pilgrims Hospice 75 mile charity bicycle ride.

I couldn't have asked for better weather, every afternoon I cycled to work the sun has been beaming down, barely a cloud in the sky, and the wind lightly assisting me (apart from in places). On the ride home, in the dark, the weather had cooled, but was not cold.

My minimum target was to cycle 75 miles over three days; the length of the charity cycle ride I am to do on the 5th of May. Failing this target could not happen under any circumstances!

My real target was to do 100 miles over four days. I felt this would be more of an achievement and better as training. After the third day, I knew I was definitely going to cycle in the next day too. I wanted to feel fatigue, and to get to know how to respond on the cycle to it. It was intended as much as psychological preparation as physical preparation.

And finally of course, I could always do 125 miles over five days. Unfortunately a number of circumstances conspired against even the desire to do this from manifesting itself. The weather responded with rain, my body ached all over, I slept badly, and I wanted to go out on my mountain bike on Sunday. I felt I needed rest; I have only cycled to work two days in a row before now, and have never cycled as many as four days in a row, nor reached as many as one hundred miles in a week. Cycling to work five days in a row is to be a future challenge.


"Training by Commuting by Bicycle"

Cycling to work as training

Journal entry - 12:25 Friday 26 April 2013

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