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Thanks to my Keywords facility, search engine bots spend hours and hours trawling thousands upon thousands of unique URL's around my website. This facility is supposedly like your ordinary tag cloud but unlike 99% of other websites out there, I decided to allow multiple keywords to be used concurrently.

Each page on my site can be tagged with multiple keywords, and it's down to my discretion how I choose to do it - I'll usually select around five tags for a page. All these tags are collated and shown as links on the Keywords page. However, each keyword is shown only if there are more than three pages referencing it.

So each keyword leads to a minimum of one unique URL, but due to allowing combinations of keywords, the number of URL's is exponential. Couple this with the fact that keywords can be selected so as to ignore pages, you can double that again (mathematics isn't my forte).

I'd love to be able to tell all the search engine bots to ignore my keywords, save your time and energy, you'll never get to see them all, but alas they're too stupid*. So it always amuses me on the rare occasion that I use Google's Webmaster Tools, to see that Google has trawled, for example, 58000 URL's on my site in February this year.

*EDIT: I just discovered that I can at least tell Google to ignore my keywords pages but now I'm not so sure I want to.


"Unique URL's on jwm-art.net"

How many unique URL's are there on jwm-art.net?

Journal entry - 01:38 Saturday 25 May 2013

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# James Morris on 15:49 Thursday 8 August 2013:

Hi James,

Just wanted to say what a boring journal entry this is! I mean, throttle the duck! What is this mitten? I'm not in the least like a kitten wearing my rose trellis for tea time. Mantle of sandal, ring folding grit wigwam...

But anyway, yes, what a boring journal entry. You know how deep it bores? Deep down. Deep deep down into the core of my soul. So boring it bores to the core of my very being.

James Morris (yes you/me/us)

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