ContourHD 1080p DIY Mount

I had an idea for this write up that I would not say anything at all about this mount and would just present the photographs and a video or two. I would talk instead about a piece of software I've been developing for the past ten years called wcnt - Wav Composer Not Toilet.

The 25th March 2013 marked its tenth birthday. It passed by without me knowing the significance. In September 2013, after I fell off my mountain bike, I took a week off work for my right knee and face to recover (the right knee has actually, I realize, recovered now), during which time development of wcnt - Wav Composer Not Toilet began again for the first time in five years.

But enough about that, what about this mount?

The ContourHD 1080p video camera came with a flat-surface mount and a goggle-strap mount. The fitting which slides into the rails of the ContourHD body attaches to either of the two mounts but unfortunately it is poorly designed. The surface area of the fitting which slides along the rails is too small, and the fit into the rails is not snug enough and consequently the camera wobbles about on the fitting (and the mounts probably wobble about on whatever they're mounted upon too).

Over several years of owning the camera I've gone through two DIY mounting options. The first used the goggle mount attached to some bits of plastic with an old inner tube stretched taut and fixed by bolts (to the bits of plastic) with the bits of plastic vaguely curved enough to fit to various parts of a bike frame using velcro straps. Believe it or not this worked reasonably well until the velcro straps broke, though it was still a bit wobbly (not only because I used the supplied mount-fitting). And it was bulky and looked like bodge.

The second mounting option was electrical tape to my helmet (bicycle helmet). This was very secure provided I used enough tape (which I did). It was a bit tricky to not tape over the record slider, but possible. The amount of tape required meant the camera wasn't going to be removed easily. Sometimes it meant the SD card wasn't going to be removed quickly either. And of course your helmet wobbles around on your head doesn't it?

Then I broke my helmet to which the ContourHD fitted quite nicely and bought a new helmet which had different shapes making it a bit awkward to fit the ContourHD to.

Potato. So Wav Composer Not Toilet development. My false teeth sunk into it. Were they false teeth or not? They got stuck until Christmas. On the problem of optional items, with items being parameters - or - inputs. These items used to be handled seperately but I created a generic method to handle both types. It allowed me to try and group parameters with inputs where it made sense. But it didn't always make sense. Celeriac. Turnip.

I broke my false teeth (not that I have false teeth mind). I have a false-teeth mind. I can't chew on things very well. In my head. Of course I can! Just kidding! Can't eye? False teeth?

So I design a greenhouse for me to build from wood but the open source 2D CAD program I use (apparently to figure out how much material I might require) has a bug in the file import function and parts go missing.

Wav Composer Not Toilet - wcnt. Wcnt is ten years old! Development stalled at Christmas. Family matters and all that. Of course it does! It does! I've not yet managed to pick it up again. I don't remember where I was. The rear wheel on my full suspension mountain bike is untrue, a spoke broke, the freehub made grinding noises and inspection revealed a complete lack of grease as well as a slight wobbly feel. The shifter for the front deraillieur on my commuting MTB (hardtail) broke the other night so I removed it yesterday. Adjusted a screw so the front mech hovers over middle chainwheel but the chain rubs when in higher gears at back.

So lettuce descend into the #defines of the stairs. Carrots are good 
for insights into the self. Oh there's nothing here. Nothing to see 
hear. All the same old same old. Tried old broken cliches. They're up 
to no good.

Scattered approach currently. Not really working out to my satisfaction. Work is the problem. Work is a big problem. It is a nightmare of sorts. Stand at a machine all day in the same place doing the same thing every minute or so staring blankly at it relying on muscle-memory to do the job for you, not caring, not taking any pride in the job for there is no pride to take in putting handles on buckets. Atrophy. It saddens me to watch myself not able to find time so easily anymore to do the things I used to think would be my salvation from the factory/wharehouse work I've spent the last twelve years of my life doing since graduating with an Arts degree.

Scattered approach currently. Currently? Less scattered than it used to be. I spent three months after falling off my bike up to Christmas developing wcnt in my spare time. Here is where the hard work went I don't have time to do that and write about it here. No documentation. Made some small efforts since Christmass to resume development but not made any inroads. Can't really remember where I had left it. A memory leak in the command line help when showing a module or data object definition? The ui_random_access branch has the difficult problems faced, head on I think, which took all my energy and which now, just sits hidden in a branch, one of five, waiting...

So what to say about the mount? Its made from recycled material/parts. The aluminium I asked my Dad for. Who knows where it came from? He thought from the Golf Club he worked as a mower mechanic at several several years ago. He had other thicknesses but this was perfect and what I was hoping for. The small nuts, bolts, and washers, I bought several years ago for use in my (so-called) Drawing Board Project, I believe they were part of the sliding ruler mechanism somewhere. The clamp is from an old Shimano front derailleur mechanism, mech removed obviously.

Purple sprouting. Curly Kale. I stumbled across the bolts and just happened to think there were around the right size to fit into the ContourHD mounting rails. They required the heads to be filed flatter, and for opposite sides of the head to be filed away, but this didn't take long at all. The ali as it wasn't thick was easy to bend to roughly the right shape. The part I had the most trouble with was fixing it to the Shimano mech mount. I drilled two bolt holes but didn't invest enough effort into marking them out precisely and they didn't align. Drilled another pair the following day but their position meant I had to file part of the mount away to allow for stem/headset while adjusting the angle of the camera to the horizontal.


"ContourHD 1080p DIY Mount"

A simple DIY project to construct a mount to fit a ContourHD 1080p video camera to the handle bars of my mountain bike.

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