A Company's primed eyes (with posed intuition)

A company's primed eyes
(with posed intuition)

A company's primed eyes leads to all avenues, closed soft metal,
illustrious straight edged revenue, lapses of colour splashed forth
from two doors down, their shed.

cromwell, whoever the hell he was.

ignore savants who save ants, and those who rant in just their
torn underwear, about file sharing, and whoever the hell he was.

a company, their clock face, invested in relishing the future with no
respect for employees or for their easel, splashed with paint, regarding
the water butt, buffed with shoe shine, by those vacumming the
spline of under employed mental arithmatic, the work of real men and
women, is to scorn children, guardianship withering to dried up bunion

yes i am pleased with my new hat, it comes with an oversized pinch
bearing, a radish-topped torpedo, neglected file sharing, torpedo file
shelling, stoning, torpedo stones the crowds, to the sound of seven
pounds of crow flesh being stung by nettles before a band of mincing
ferrets playing drinking games while listening to some form of music
unidentified by moist chocolate brownie cake.

numbers numbers numbers, flowing into my mouth like stencils of the
apocalypse, [delete]rant by numbers in the bustier of bruce[/delete]

come the summer, heads up displays splay huddled field mice to the goads
drunken football fans, stuttering like the glitched algorithms of
new-age hipster-racists. new age dumpster glaciers cool the fellowship
of religious mallard ducks operating clandestinely out in the marshes
amongst the early morning mist and sun, which, in due course, the
memory becomes coarse and calloused in meaning, and the triangulation
of tranquility tipple-topples tiredly tending toward tatters and
smatterings of smushy gush, with posed intuitions of nightly builds.


"A Company's primed eyes (with posed intuition)"

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Journal entry - 01:37 Friday 23 May 2014

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