Aqua Cluck Spying Pan

Aqua Cluck Spying Pan

If the aqua cluck rendering spilled lying pan,
Ties semi deposited and tic-plied bottled shores,
Then pretty sizzling he has shammed ladled spores,
And witty eyes dazzle with claimed penetrative claws.

But if the lemon risk battle can rot tapered licks sly cord
God help the flack wrap transitioning pig bucks wry wing span.

The clan ring stationary trundle sucking clap sack,
Is raw crying plausible stabbing pick (it's got pissed talent),
Shouting "coleslaw raid enigma drains pies literature!",
And dual core oscillating gawping grannies rise twittering:
"Lord Patricia Lock Lucas in Gorrick drips semiotics".

But the stereo panel shortens when ducks drown.


"Aqua Cluck Spying Pan"

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Journal entry - 21:29 Friday 8 August 2014

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