Spicy Vegetable Chilli Pasties

Spicy Vegetable Chilli Pasties.

These are loosely based on Jamie Oliver Spicy Lamb Pasties. His recipe doesn't specify how much chilli to use. I grow chillis and they're soon to be coming out my ears so I used about ten. Two Scotch Bonnet types (an unknown variety from a plant I overwintered - from a 'Tropical Heat' mixed seed packet), two or three Aji Lemon (also from an overwintered plant), two or three Golden Cayenne, three or four Cayenne (from a three or four year old plant living in my parents porch on top of their tumbledryer), one unidentified tough skinned dark green bell-like pepper, and probably some others.

Then I didn't use lamb either. Or chickpeas. Substituted turnip, carrot, and parsnip for the lamb and chickpeas. And then added another chilli or two. Doubled the garlic. Added some fennel seeds along with the mustard seeds. Out of olive oil so used vegetable oil. Sprinkle of ground black pepper. A couple of sticks of celery. And cauliflower broken up into small florets.

Added two teaspoons of turmeric to the pastry flour to add a touch of colour and flavour. Didn't completely match the combined weight of lamb and chickpeas with substituted vegetables, but still there seemed to be too much filling. Was braver with the amount of filling I used per pastie this time, so only enough for another pastie left over so perhaps might make it into an omellete for breakfast if I get up in time.

Didn't bother with the tomatoes, or ginger (not a big fan of ginger in savoury foods), nor the fenugreek seeds.

So here follows the recipe which, more or less, will reproduce what I made this evening:

Spicy Vegetable Chilli Pasties - Serves 8

For pastry:

  500g plain flour, plus extra for dusting
  250g unsalted butter, chilled
  2 teaspoons turmeric
  pinch of salt
  150ml water

Weigh out flour and place in large mixing bowl,
add salt and turmeric and mix together thoroughly.
I don't bother sifting it but if you know better by all
means do. Add butter (or healthier substitute) and
mix together. Add water and mix some more but
don't overwork it - if you know what I mean (I don't).
Refrigerate during preparation of filling.

For filling:

  2 tbsp vegetable oil
  1 tsp mustard seeds
  1 tsp fennel seeds
  2 clove of garlic, finely chopped
  10 Chillis, finely chopped
  450g of turnip, swede, parsnip, carrot, celery, diced 0.5cm.
  10 curry leaves
  1 large onion, finely diced
  1/3rd head of cauliflower, broken into very small florets
  Salt + ground black pepper to taste

Heat oil in frying pan and fry mustard and fennel seeds to
release flavour and remove from heat before mustard seeds
start popping all over the kitchen and let cool and place in
large mixing bowl.

Mix together all ingredients. Preheat oven to 180 C.

Divide chilled pastry into eight portions. Roll out flat around
3 - 4mm at a guess. Add filling to each and brush egg around
edge of pastry and pull the two halves together in the middle
and squeeze with fingers and thumb to make edges stick
together. Make a steam hole or two with knife each side of
crimped edge. Repeat.

Put on greased baking tray or something they won't stick to.
Put in oven for twenty five minutes or until cooked.


"Spicy Vegetable Chilli Pasties"

My Spicy Vegetable Chilli Pastie recipe

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