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Today I went to the allotment after work to pick some chilli pods from the numerous chilli plants I have growing, in the greenhouse dedicated to chillis (along with a couple of marigolds, chives, scented geranium, mint, and a pair of neglected tomato plants).

I ate one of the pods, a rather pale pod, I'm unsure exactly the variety it is, especially without looking through my seed packs, but I'm fairly certain it is at least a Capsicum Baccatum - you can see it in the image on the right). I wasn't expecting it to be particularly hot, at least not as hot as the Lemon Drops (or Aji Lemon), and it wasn't to begin with, but toward the top it felt unexpectedly hotter.

I sweated rather a lot as usual, it literally rolls off my face. I thought about what we were told on the curry cooking course I spent a couple of hours at yesterday, that chilli peppers are the reason why Thai people have such good skin. I recalled a mens health article about how to make yourself more handsome recommending to avoid sweating as much as possible and to deep clean and moisturise and all that guff.

I spend every day sweating these days. When I cycle to work in the morning I sweat. I will probably have something containing chilli in my lunchbox which will cause me to sweat. Sometimes I might cycle to the local supermarket on my lunch break, which will cause me to sweat. Then I cycle home from work, usually off road, as fast as I can, looking for the thrill of speed and the power of riding my bike as if nothing can stop me. Rough terrain, rutted farm tracks downhill and then up the other side, the occasional drop, off a couple of steps or other small jump... That's usually when I am the sweatiest, but then maybe a snack such as cheese on toast with a chopped chilli between bread and cheese. Will drench me in sweat all over again.

So apparently this is all healthy. I try to be so. I started doing push ups as I no longer work in a physically active job, am sat down all day in front of a computer, and didn't want to experience back problems caused by muscular weakness there; and because I thought the proportions of my upper body should match those of my lower body; and some of the more demanding trails I ride down from time to time require upper body strength to handle the bike properly;

So yes I decided to create a list of 'hot links' about chilli peppers... I made some chilli bread yesterday evening. It is not only edible, but quite nice, especially with tuna mayonaise. Here's the links:

hot links

The HJ8 Total Eclipse Space Chili

"Since the mid 1980\u2032s, China has been sending recoverable satellites
into space on a 5-day orbit around Earth. Each trip, approximately 5000
seeds are sent along and are exposed to the zero gravity and cosmic
radiation, then returned."

How to grow chili peppers

"Are you growing chillies or chilis? Nevermind the different spellings,
there are even more shapes, sizes and colours!"

The Apocalypse Pepper

"I once ate something called the apocalypse pepper. It grows in very
small amounts in the Amazon basin, and the natives who live in the
region have no word for it in their language. They just use their word
for death."

Can you imagine a world without salsa? Or Tabasco sauce, harissa,
sriracha, paprika or chili powder?

"I asked myself that question after I found a 700-year-old recipe for
one of my favorite foods, merguez\u2014North Africa\u2019s beloved lamb sausage
that is positively crimson with chiles."

Hot - Craig Arnold

Spicy Chilli Bread
"My husband ,Nick, loves hot spicy food. He wants chilli with
everything, and this bread is hot, hot, hot!"

(Easy recipe, even for a bread making newb like me. I used a pair of
fresh scotch bonnets in mine, no powder or flakes - jwm)

Jay's Ghost Scorpion x Carolina Reaper Pod Test

Today I'm back in the hot-seat after a bit of a break from testing!
First up is a great looking cross from Jon, Jay's Ghost Scorpion x
Carolina Reaper.

The Health Benefits of Chili Peppers

"Chili peppers are extremely healthy for you, and should be included in
your regular diet. Here's why."


"hot links"

Text about health, and links about chillies

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