Due to the diminishing free space I'm allotted on the server on which this site is hosted, I've decided to move all my audio files over to SoundCloud. A few years ago I wouldn't have considered it, but if you look at the period of time over which I made the audio, and the amount of disk space it takes up, and compare it with how many more years of image and text that space can now be used for, it makes sense to use a freely available service to host the bulky audio data.

The downside is the ability to directly download the audio files is compromised. While the audio can still be downloaded, there is no permanent URL, so you have to go through SoundCloud to obtain the URL to download the audio or listen to it.

This causes some trouble for text-mode browsers such as Lynx and Links. For example, neither of the aforementioned browsers can display the SoundCloud iframe/widget. The alternative is to following the URL to the SoundCloud page and use the download link found there, but Lynx downloads a zero byte file called download.gz, and Links requests a username and password to authorize access

While I believe there are commandline tools for accessing SoundCloud, I would still rather there existed a permanent URL for direct download of the audio files I upload there.



Why I've moved my audio to SoundCloud

Journal entry - 22:56 Thursday 12 February 2015

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