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June 2007

06:42 Friday 29 June 2007


[img:no info]

Devel Screenshot 2007

Having removed all screenshots which were previously littering the galleries of old, I thought I could atleast add a screenshot to the journal.

I don't know if it will change again before I put the new design live online - I think I'm at the tweaking only stage.

I keep forgetting about the fact it's likely everything will look all wrong as soon as I get around to viewing it in a certain proprietry web browser. Uuuuurrrrghghhhh.

14:02 Thursday 28 June 2007

Getting there...

The past couple of days have been quite productive. I have recoloured the CSS stylesheets, the text on the site no longer matches the link text, is less colour saturated and looks more like text should. Consequently links stationed within blocks of text are more link-like.

I also gave the old logo a quick redesign, it is infact because of this that I recoloured the text, and boxes/borders etc. I had previously decided to abandon the logo and show 1000 ft Above My Head, Somewhere but someone recently said they liked the logo so...

It gives the site more colour. I'd been aware that it was too monochrome and had unsucessfully tried to inject colour onto the pages.

Fixed up some stuff which I'd been wanting to do; things which should happen automagically, but up until this point had not concieved of the way. Bold page headings at the top of each page was one, but without page titles for 'artwork' pages, and some pages wanted slightly different headings to the page title (that which appears in the HTML HEAD tag and as link names etc). This was something which for the most part was to happen automatically, and only the exceptions would be specifiable.

I feel like I must be a reasonable programmer atleast to do this. The foundations I had already built, the mechanisms were already in place, just a handful of small clauses were needed and it was working.

It's satisfying when you've coded something and realise those things which you'd been thinking were not possible, can be simply slotted in without any grief, without any contradiction.

I don't know though, some might (if they could) look at it and think it was one big botch job :)

I also updated 100 Bricks so that you can choose either to re-arrange the current bricks, or, choose a random set of new bricks. No big deal, but this allows me to get the program to automatically put a link to 100 Bricks on every 'artwork' page which contains an image, so you can see what that image looks like cut into 100 bricks and randomly arranged. Pointless but I like it.

From the start of I had wanted to be able to form connections between the artworks and this is something which is really starting to take shape now.

07:09 Tuesday 26 June 2007


I'm feeling tired. Have done nothing...

06:44 Tuesday 26 June 2007

Breakfast at Morris's

I've just had my breakfast. Two rashers of fried bacon, two fried eggs, two slices of toast, and some baked beans, washed down of course with a mug of coffee.

One egg was on one slice of toast. The other slice of toast lay underneath the baked beans.

Another night where I stayed up until gone 3am and eventually decided I could not be bothered to go to bed only to get up after midday.

Slurps more coffee.

The weather is pretty crappy. Grey, most unlike the end of June. Windy too, and I want to go out on my bike today. It is due: another bike ride. It was Saturday the last time I went out. Met up with Kent Trails at Rough Common for a 3 hour, 22 mile off road ride.

13:21 Monday 25 June 2007

Everything is Ok

The problems described in the last journal entry were quite easily resolved to my relief, and not in the least as complex as I'd expected.

03:06 Saturday 23 June 2007

So yeah I've like done that now, but...

So I got the journal to work, to display a maximum number of entries at any one time, for links to be displayed when appropriate, to view newer or older entries, and lastly, upon visiting a journal entry so that only that single entry appears, then links to the previous and next entries appear in the navigation bar.

Yeah, so I've like done that now, but...

So I transferred the concept over to the process which generates the links to (for example) artworks in a gallery in the navigation bar, so that only n links are displayed at a time, and as you navigate through the gallery viewing artworks, the current artwork is always in the middle of the links (with logical exceptions).

And it works... Until I go back to the journal and find that upon viewing a single entry none of the links to the previous entries and later entries are displayed in the navigation bar.

And then, to top it all off, I do a keyword search and find that something I've done in the past couple of days has caused the keyword results to no longer translate the links to just the name of the thing linked to, instead, it translates the HTML link tag to plain text. Plainly, this is just not acceptable.


01:06 Friday 22 June 2007

Testing removal of duplicate keywords

Here are the keywords I have entered:

one, two, one, two, three, three, four, five, 2007, 2007, journal, hello, test, duplicate, removal

A quick look in the navigation link bar should confirm duplicates are dealt with, (they are not shown until you look at this entry independantly of the journal).

One thing I've not yet figured out about PHP

When PHP creates a file, as it does when this journal form is used, (you'll need to know about file ownership here) the group and owner are set as www-data. This requires root access to delete the file, or, for me to write some PHP to do so. When I login via SSH to the server that is hosted on, there is absolutely no way I'll be granted superuser privileges (another way of saying root acess) to delete the file. Bummer.

Being the clever bugger I am though (& modest too "oh ha ha ha ha"), I shall implore my journal viewing code to delete any files in the journal-entry-review-location which are duplicated in the approved-entry location.


00:31 Friday 22 June 2007

Time Machines

I lay in bed after waking from the dream where a bright pink liquid was injected into my lip.

It was sunny, light poured into my room from behind the extremes of the curtains. Birds were singing. It was between 4:30 and 5am.

And I felt wide awake, able to get up right away without staying in bed for just a few more minutes.

So awake that I did not have to worry that staying in bed would cause me to fall back into sleep again. I lay there thinking about people going to work, the same time all year. Ignoring the seasons, ignoring the sun, ignoring when night ended and dawn came and the birds sung.

What bulls##t it is that clocks are put back and put forward. How silly infact! Let us just get up at dawn: no adjustment needed! No lost hours! Oh! What silly people we are!

And having finished reading Steppenwolf the previous evening, I decided I would always get up at sunrise, my alarm clock would continue to be turned off, I would never have a job where the time cycles of nature would be superceded by clockwork, by shift patterns, by business interests.

00:16 Friday 22 June 2007


Here, you say, shall I go now? Might n't I be afraid of you too? Shall we say then, however, that you could? Be what may, come again, yes it shall, make it slow.

Gordon Bennet

Is she there yet? No. Wait a minute. Go. Quick. Yes. Hello. Help. Goodbye. Hello. Shall we go and see? Take a look/see? Seen the scene a million miles away, I've seen it all have I. Then one day, come what may, June, August and July.

Pink Liquid.

Last night I was somewhere in a dream. All I can remember was at one point being in a garden with lots of rabbits about. Then later I was with a doctor in a room, actually it might have been some sort of interview, maybe even a job interview.

So there I was in the room with the doctor, and some other officious gentlemen seated at a large, low, wide, desk. They were not entirely happy with my attitude towards their proposals, whatever they may have been I can't remember. So the sollution as they saw it, was to inject me with some stuff of what I cannot tell.

Hence the presence of the doctor. He had a large syringe, and pulled up into it out of a brown bottle whose contents as already stated were unknown to me, a brightly pink coloured liquid. Straight into my lip went the needle, it was uncomfortable, he pushed it in a long way, further than is physically possible, atleast two inches into my lip so the needle if outside a dream would have gone right through and out under my chin, but being a dream nothing of the sort happened.

All the bright pink liquid, probably a shot-glass in volume, went into my lip and I awoke. And for the second day running I got up somewhere between 4:30am and 5am.

00:00 Friday 22 June 2007

Journal Beginning To Take Shape!

The journal PHP code is starting to take shape. Although the form for adding entries assumes knowledge of the data file format, I can't honestly see anyone other than myself wishing to use it.

No harm can come from using the journal entry form as the resultant file is not stored in a location where it is available to the journal. This is part of the review process, once the entry is reviewed it will either be deleted or moved to the correct location.

The journal itself, so far displays every single journal entry available. This is ok for now, while there are only two entries (three with this) but in the long term it will be too much so I shall limit the journal to display only the newest ten entries.

Each entry is viewable on its own page independantly from the journal. A mechanism needs to be created so a list of entries is displayed within the navigation link bar. This will also be limited to ten entries.

So therefor, the plan is to display the journal entries before and after the current entry viewed.

This also brings to mind as a solution for those ( galleries which contain large numbers of 'artworks'. Within the navigation link bar, currently, all the links to the artworks are displayed, which can result in a lot of scrolling down to visit the next artwork in line. If they were limited as I intend with the journal then this problem would be resolved.

11:43 Thursday 21 June 2007

Another test entry

this is another journal entry, again, testing the journal mechanism and blah blah blah.

if you want to, go here

09:37 Thursday 21 June 2007

Journal Test Entry

A test entry...



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