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July 2007

20:50 Monday 23 July 2007

Pigeon Hill Top


Pigeon Hill Top
Manipulated Screen shot of displayed text.

And from yesterday:


Silo Master
A Cutup of silent master

Some new photography for you. Outside. Nature. The good stuff.

14:16 Wednesday 18 July 2007

Fractal Spam

[img:no info]

Spiral Filamentalities

I posted a couple of fractal images to a couple of mailing lists taking as a source for the text two spam-emails. Each word in the spam modified.

[img:no info]

Chill Horizon

These two small images were posted as attachments, the large images are Spiral Filamentalities and Chill Horizon. Both are 1600x1200 sized, intended as wall paper for your desktop.

02:26 Tuesday 17 July 2007

More images of '1000ft Above My Head'

I had not completely transferred all the work from the old version of to this. Now I have added some images of 1000 ft Above My Head, Somewhere which show close up detail views, and photographs taken at various stages during the making of the painting.

It's interesting for me to look at the progress images again. I feel that much has been lost in the painting and that it has ended up cold and sterile. But, these things happen and I always choose to do them and accept the consequences. I remember I wanted to do these things to the painting, to get the end-feel it has, slicing and sharpening forms, adjusting the forms, accenuating them, trying to make them uncomfortable to me because of what they suggest...

22:21 Tuesday 10 July 2007

New 2006 Paintings

Atlast I've added some paintings to occupy the 2006 Painting Gallery gallery.

Unfortunately none of them are signed or dated so I can't be precise about when there were made during 2006. Tough.

Nor can I say as much as I'd like about how they were made. Most were made within a group of three, and I'd like to have grouped and ordered them to show the progression and the breaks from progression. Oh well, can't have it all. I'll try and make more effort in the future to sign and date them.

20:27 Monday 9 July 2007

New 2006 Drawings

A series of seven drawings has been added to the Drawing 2006 gallery page.

The drawings were carried out in much the same manner as my sketchbook drawings, except on a larger scale. They are all over 50 cm wide, and around 50 cm tall. They were made from November to December of 2006.

04:42 Tuesday 3 July 2007

Scary Moments

Just had a couple of scary moments since uploading the new design and de-password protecting it just to find it would not display the gkII.jpg image. Took a long time to realise that it was going wrong because it found the gkII directory before finding the image, and tried to use it as an image. The second scary moment was when I thought everything was ok just to find some other image now no longer displayed because it was trying to display someimage.jpg.png...

Hope nothing else goes wrong.

02:50 Tuesday 3 July 2007


As you can see, if you've been here before, has been redesigned.

It's been entirely recoded, so it can do more things.

Now it's up I can't be bothered to tell you about what's new here, just go look...



...some stuff has been deleted or renamed. Sorry, there's no new paintings to be seen yet from 2006 or from this year. They're coming soon I promise. Plenty of Audio though...

13:42 Monday 2 July 2007

Upload very tempting

Just fifteen minutes ago I decided it was high time I just got on with it and uploaded the new site layout/design for

It has been quite well thoroughly tested by now. I'm nearly satisfied with it. There's a few minute tiny things like unescaped ampersands in the title tag (...) here and there, nothing to get upset about.

I've still got to re-create the contact submission PHP script to handle contact requests and for it to email me and a copy to the contactee.

Still not photographed the paintings I made last year and this year. They'll have to wait.

Have not included all the galleries previously on I've moved on a little...

And then there's the Drawing Board Project which still requires more documentation but I've lost all interest in doing that now.

The headache of ...

... handling requests for things that do not exist, or no longer exist, got that to do, and, what else, but handling access denied ohhh. This is something else to do before uploading.

03:11 Monday 2 July 2007

> test > done

The final thing was done to the journal today, begun last night. This was to make it so that when viewing a journal entry independantly from the journal (so the entry is alone on a single page), that upon visitation to journal link in navigation panel that the entry viewed is displayed in journal. So that makes sense, you go from viewing a journal entry, to the journal, without loosing your place.

To get this to work, i made the link in the nav bar to the journal always specify in the URL the current item to be viewed, but it only makes sense if you view journal entry.

so i make it conditional. if the parent of the page is journal then pass the name of the current item to the journal.

but of course,no bodge job 'ere. no, siry. no, the condition is specified in the file and uses PHP's eval function. being the safe-minded-scaredy-pants i am, i put in precautions in attempt to stop any naughtiness happening here, because there's lots those bad-bwoy-crackass-crackers can dee wi'd da PHP evil eval funkchon.

it treets ev'y'hing b'twixt the symbols (,!=,==,||,&&,),?,: as text, with one exception, and that is after textification, it translates '!' to FALSE - with big capital letters for importance.

There might be some other stuff i've done but can't remember it to bore you with. Sheeesh, yes i



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