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September 2007

22:17 Saturday 29 September 2007

UnTieTooled MP3

This latest track, untietooled, should be associated by you with drtrk_bias-x1 and with greater emphasis, My Grandma's War-Like Theory of Entropy. They have all been created around the same time, except some were quicker to reach a state i accepted as finished than others.

They all use the same source (Hydrogen) for their drum sounds. The drums were though manipulated and the patterns re-arranged once recorded within Ardour. Their sounds were further manipulated for each specific track.

Except for drtrk_bias-x1 they all use vocal recordings which have also been manipulated using SND and wcnt - Wav Composer Not Toilet.

untietooled web page & MP3

01:27 Thursday 20 September 2007

My Grandma's War-Like Theory of Entropy

The latest track by me:

My Grandma's War-Like Theory of Entropy

With spoken word recordings by two others, follow the link for more details...

21:45 Wednesday 12 September 2007

my first word was tractor (not for generalconsumption)


By A. Sniggering Pillock.                                12th September 2007


Dear gangrenous plankton,
my inards are bacterial and the bacteria is me.

(?yeah-yeah, right:
  Maybe, we find a position we agree from!

  But I first must say that i might possibly, have found
  your tone the slightest little part patronising. or perhaps
  not - but do i care?

[f##k this w##ky remark too:]
  you obviously could not be bothered (after such a long
  email to Sir Lancelot) to write anything which said any more than
  the statements by me which you chose to respond to. And
  the choices made in this regard, well, all i can say is: am
  i really that simple?* Was it some kind of reflection of
  the reflections i myself made?

  *see some other email, somewhere.

[/f##k this w##ky remark too:/]


  X = (question == criticism) ? yes : no;
  what is X?


  infact, i was questioning (and got the wrong end of the stick -
  again!) why it should be elevated to a "grand work of
  seriousness" when as you say it:

    * made no claim to having importance
    * was a part of an ongoing larger production.
    * was not a "great" stand alone piece of literature.

  which was, of bleeding course, how i reacted to it, and
  the point i was tr,tr, trying to maaaaaaaake. yes i missed
  you, and things, but cleanliness is a buzzword where i
  come when i first looked at it that is how i treacle it.

_take::the blister_

  but what bloody long winded route to
  stating the obvious!!! ha hah hah
  haa ha ha hardy ha.

[My Grand Departure of the most correct and undaunting qsoar]
    i've always had trouble with work.
    occasionally i get plasticine men of understanding,
    but i'm not surrounded by the ant farm a tall tree,
    this list only nought point of contact.

    Everything I do is a joke to oh_.-so-._serious_.-u
    Even after my last email you still
    inits on this? Ore well: not to worry.

int (main per loin d)
  return sweet_jacks_blip;

// blubs, do you do your bestest?
// arc_tayor we do our bestest-everest!

#endif //automatic_push_button_remote_control
#endif //synthetic_genetics_commanding_your_soul

NetBehaviour mailing list

00:33 Monday 10 September 2007

40 Explorational Mandelbrot Eye Candy Images

[img:Mandelbrot Set Image 01]

I have wanted to create a gallery for Mandelbrot images for quite some time now. I have finally got around to it, and finally got used to the idea and what people might think about it.

Mandelbrot Exploration is a gallery of 40 Mandelbrot images, exploring exploration of the Mandelbrot Set.

Broadband users should follow the link to Mandelbrot Exploration where the images are presented in the high quality PNG image file format at a 900 x 650 pixel size.

[img:Mandelbrot Set Image 20]

Dial-Up users should follow the link to where the images are scaled down to 788 x 568 pixels and are presented in the lesser quality but far smaller JPEG image file format.

Thankyou for listening.

20:56 Tuesday 4 September 2007

Nagual - An Audio/Video Collaboration

Nagual is an audio/video collaboration between the Spanish artist known as Blanca Perse, and myself.

I worked on the audio, with the words of the story read and recorded, and the video created by Blanca.

Check it out!


18:32 Saturday 1 September 2007

New MP3 Audio Track

drtrk_bias-x1 is my latest audio piece. Follow the link for more information and to download the MP3.



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