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July 2009

12:33 Friday 31 July 2009

Porting LADSPA plugins to LV2 plugins

At the end of last week I decided I wanted to do something useful with code instead of writing my own code which nobody ever uses. Most of the week I'd spent converting a stripped-down Debian stable GNU/Linux system into something I could use for real time audio recording/processing, by downloading and building from source various audio software whose authors can be found via the Linux Audio Developers mailing list.

I contacted the list and asked for suggestions of plugins to be ported. By the time a response came, I had already looked at two plugin packages and decided they were too complex for learning LV2 from, and had begun working on the NJL Ladspa plugins by Nick Lamb. The source code for the NJL plugins was quite straightforward to understand so I could concentrate mainly on learning LV2.

It was suggested I port the VCF plugins by Matthias Nagorni, so I had a quick look at them and decided it was feasible for me to port them also.

Announcement email follows:


First release of the VCF LADSPA plugins ported to LV2:

(again, temporary download location) link)

some of the filters appear to work incorrectly in ardour2,
but appear to work correctly in lv2rack and ingen. i don't
yet know if this is a fault with my .ttl files, if anyone
with more knowledge than i can clarify it'd be much appreciated.


Second release of the NJL LADSPA plugins ported to LV2: link)

 * removed www. from LV2 URI prefixes of all plugins
 * fixed port properties which specified 'integer' instead
   of 'Integer'.


plugins have been (unthoroughly) tested in lv2rack, lv2_jack_host,
ingen, and ardour2. of the vcf plugins, the CV variants are mostly

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