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September 2009

21:34 Saturday 12 September 2009

XorCurses-0.0.8 New Release! (outdated)

Saturday 12th September 2009

New Release: XorCurses-0.0.8

  * Resizing the terminal XorCurses runs
    in can now increase the game display
    area and also allows the map display
    in the info panel to be shown in full

  * Two difficulty levels: new school and
    old school. The old school plays as
    the original Xor game; it restricts
    the game display area to 8x8 and the
    scrolling threshold is set to 1. The
    new school allows a game display area
    up to 12x12 and a scrolling threshold
    can be set as per previous releases.

  * Code reformated using GNU indent and
    many other code changes made in order
    to implement above changes. See CHANGES
    file for more details.


10:56 Tuesday 8 September 2009

Priapic Numeracy

/* priapic numeracy

        (c) James W. Morris 8th September 2009

        Licensed for modification and redistribution
        under the terms of the GNU GPL V3.
        For precise detail see:

    To build on GNU/Linux platforms,
    gcc priapic_numeracy.c -o priapic_numeracy

    To run after building

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

int main()
    enum { SIZE = 10, LAST = SIZE - 1, MAX = 125 };
    long *a = malloc(SIZE * sizeof(long));
    if ( !a )
        return EXIT_FAILURE;
    long *last = a + LAST, *p;
    for ( p = a; p <= last ; p++ )
        *p = p - a;
    for ( p = a; *last < MAX; ++*p, p = ( p < last ? ++p : a ) )
        printf ( (p == last ? "%ld\n" : "%ld " ), *p);
    free ( a );
    return EXIT_SUCCESS;

Copy the text in the above box and save it as priapic_numeracy.c and then follow the instructions above.



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