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October 2009

21:35 Tuesday 27 October 2009


There's not been any XorCurses development of late. Or has there?

At some point in the recent past I decided I would embark on a 'Xor game engine' for XorCurses and home-brewed-sequels of Xor to use. This game engine handles the behaviours of the objects in the game within the map. It does not handle the user interface. It does not show you anything on the screen. It does not care if you press any keys.

Consider that without being shown what is happening a user - a real person sat at their computer - cannot see what is happening. Consider also that the 'game engine' cannot see what the user is doing either.

Now consider that this engine can load a XorCurses replay and play it back. Without showing it. Around five minutes of a user pressing keys (on auto pilot) to complete level 4 "Explosive Mixture" compressed into less than 0.001 seconds. How useful.

While testing the engine, I created a "Text User Interface". Still the game cannot be played, but replays can at least be witnessed, and inspected. Here xor_engine_lvl_8.txt.

Then I found Stack Overflow where I asked questions and got answers which put all sorts of further ideas into my head and so on. Now it's all broken and I'm trying to fix it. That's what I've been doing lately.

2009 is the year I write code (mainly in C).

21:04 Tuesday 27 October 2009

Unsigned Head

This is an image made today of a piece of ASCII-art shown in "nedit - a programmer's editor". The colours in the text are a result of using the syntax highlighting mode for the C programming language. The tabs open in the editor show the names of files I am working on for 'XorCursed'.

20:53 Tuesday 27 October 2009


This is an image from Sunday 27th September 2009 developed from a sketch I made while trying to understand the control of flow between the menus, replays, and game play of XorCurses.



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