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March 2010

00:53 Tuesday 23 March 2010

matley lepe calshot

matley lepe calshot
fowey, cornwall, village, coast, sea, castle, rain, mist,

eden project, st blazey, cornwall, gardens, botanical, biomes, ecology,
rain, mist,

,rain, mist,

00:24 Tuesday 23 March 2010

corfe_castle_ ${fname% _SCALED.JPG}.jpg

Corfe Castle, Wareham, Dorset, England, UK, ruins, castle, explosives,
undermining, Isle of Purbeck

In January 2010, Corfe Castle became one of the first National Trust
properties to be photographed for Google Street View, using the Google
Trike (wikipedia).

23:57 Monday 22 March 2010

lostwithiel restormel mist

karly at debian:~/jwm4/sc/rlw$ for FILE in `ls -1`; do echo
"${FILE}"; done
karly at debian:~/jwm4/sc/rlw$

hills, mist, castle, mist, walk, mist, mist, mist, castle mist, moss,

mist, mist,

laptop mist, rugby six nations mist at bbc dot co dot uk dot mist, england
mist, eat out mist, hotel mist, bash mist, compose mist, ssh mist, scp
mist, long walk mist, ache mist, tired mist, censored mist, mist mist, lad
mist, automation mist, klug mist, audio missed, programmin,g missed,
broadband missed, missed not much mist. linux mist, ready to rip someone's
head off mist, where are the teabags mist, too much mist mist mist mist
mist mist mist mist mist mist mist mist, no not at all, mist don't bother
me does it, mist, not really mist, mist mist mist mist ain't all bad mist,
camera battery dead mist



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