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September 2010

11:15 Monday 13 September 2010

10" Chili Tart

10" chili tart


4 large (4-5") fresh chilies*
2 small onions/shallots
3 or 4 tomatoes
2 rashers of bacon
tomato puree
cheddar cheese
250g of (ready made) puff pastry

*These were probably a mix of Cayenne and Rokita grown from seed (Mr
Fothergills). Though after several re-pottings over the past six
months I no longer know which were which.


pre-heat oven to 180 C

slice chilies
chop onions
chop tomatoes
chop bacon
mix together in a bowl, season with a little salt and pepper if desired.

roll pastry out quite thin larger than 10" flan tin.
line tin, cut off excess pastry and put aside.
spread some tomato puree over pastry base.
fill with mixed chillies,onions,tomatoes and bacon.
grate cheddar cheese over top.

place in oven and check after ten minutes or so and leave until it's cooked.

11:27 Wednesday 1 September 2010

Sitewide Image Scaling Modification

I've decided to simplify the website a little by disabling custom image scaling factors. Previously, on the top right of every page were three icons which linked to pages where the sizes of images were either larger or smaller than what the current page presented. This has been disabled.

Now, all images displayed on pages will always be presented at half their upload size (for example, uncropped landscape photgraphs will be 450 x 300 pixels) accompanied by a direct link to the original unscaled image. Some pages also present images alongside paragraphs of text, these images will always be scaled to three-quarters of half-size (IIRC).

This takes some of the functionality away from the site, but I believe very very few people were even aware of the custom scaling factors. On the plus side for me, it free's up some disk space - there will be fewer scaled images to store which means more content can be uploaded. Additionally, search engines will have fewer URLs to trawl as the 's' parameter is no longer generated - which is good all round (research SEO and website bandwidth for why).

Of course I have not completely disabled the custom image scaling. Perhaps in the future I will find a host which gives me much more disk space and then I can reenable full image scaling by simple changing a setting in the main.layout 'page template' file for

00:12 Wednesday 1 September 2010

Long Overdue Site Updates!

I'm in the process of creating pages for various works that have been available here for the past year or more. So far, I have added pages for several audio tracks made in 2009 (and actually linked to it from the Audio page at last), and created the Audio 2010 page and populated it with pages for each of the tracks made this year so far.

A gallery containing a set of six photographs of railway lines has also been added. I found the abstract forms of the railway lines intriguing, and this gallery was easy to put together. More photography to come, but I have so much that it's difficult to select from it all a good representation of what interests me.



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