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January 2012

23:54 Friday 6 January 2012

Anarchist Bo****ks

While at work today I developed further the design I created earlier today as shown in Shoddy Artwork of The Day. This design no longer requires the text to clarify what is shown.

Nothing shall be spoken about the addition of the eye motif.

11:55 Friday 6 January 2012

Shoddy Artwork of The Day

11:23 Thursday 5 January 2012

Artist bitterness and futility

artist s##t in a tin, oh how we laughed back when we were young and impressionable.

the question is, is there really s##t in the tin?

is it really the artist's own s##t?

the questions are what makes it valuable i'm sure.

so i've put in a jar my very own artistic bitterness and futility.

and labelled it as such.

the jar is made of glass so you can confirm for yourself the contents - it does indeed contain my artistic bitterness and futility!

you can see the futility has collected on the walls of the glass in much the same manner as condensation and the smell of bitterness (surprisingly like Biryani) can be experienced by opening the jar.

but for the main, i have to admit, the jar is empty. it's me that has the bitterness and the feeling of futility, in much the same way as it's Piero Manzoni who is full of s##t.

james morris 5th january 2012



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