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March 2012

10:44 Thursday 1 March 2012

the factory pattern

i'm so sick of doing the same old shit over and over and over and over.
i don't meant like just doing the same thing every day i mean like the
same  every minute, minute after minute.

yesterday i came this close to walking out. the machine i was on was
down but there were 12 or so boxes each containing 36 of these plastic
plate things each needing a metal plate attached with three screws. my
arm still aches the next day from repeatedly pushing down with the
electric screw driver for 7.5 hours.

it took me an hour to do the first box. i was so pissed off that i had
been put on that job for the second time this week. i went off and got
another coffee which tasted just as vile as ever. i went for a stroll
around the factory. got back and still couldn't bring myself to screw
any fucking little screws in those fucking shitty plates. there was  
gr y
rotund manager stood at the computer station and i stil  just
 around, stopped and stood doing nothing, paced some more  went
and  ook
d at the bits and pieces lying around the back of the
 ach nes. went
back to my table and screwed two screws and thought fuck it an
went and walked around some more.

it took me two hours or so to get through this. i was shaking with
nerves at one point planning my departure. trying to plot a
legitimate path out of this god forsaken factory. it's driving me nuts.
i start getting stupid when i get like this. kick things. i can't take
care in the work that i do. i can't tolerate it much longer.

i wish they'd fucking sack me.


we had appraisals on monday. the company line.seemed entirely clear
the position we're in. 




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