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November 2012

10:30 Tuesday 20 November 2012

art tag crossover

art tag crossover: reminiscent of paper bags filled with air and popped by clapping hands

things further to say on the subject covered by the halitosis written lost knight. mart, van, cardiovascular lexicon, venomous factory orc.

+1, i just can't remember it right now. +2 mathematics. i've forgotten how to do long division. reading both the instruction on and the wikipedia long division page, on the small screen mobile display while at work proved difficult to reacquaint myself with.

before setting myself the exercise to try and remember how to do long division and failing, i set myself firstly the exercise of converting cycle times and units-per-hour into binary (after removal of fractions). then after success with that, and pondering about writing a program to do something in a human way the computer does intuitively, i did some long-multiplication.

prior to that i drew a leering face made up of two ponderous breasts for eyes, and a penis for the lower jaw, gonads for the neck. looking at the breasts in isolation, they were drawn as if looking down from a height upon them. the nipples which formed eyes were therefor anatomically incorrect but this had no effect on the double imagery. a penis in profile, slightly upturned, formed the bottom jaw, the teeth balanced upon it. the upper jaw was formed by (in terms of the image mapping at least) the lower breast and the teeth hung down from it.

i was quite pleased with this imagery, it had a strong quality, but i decided to add the curves of a womans torso to the breasts, worried by the connotations of autofellatio without. i chose not to draw female genitalia and instead drew a great big eye complete with eyelids which may have had potential for doubling up as a massive sphincter. from this came the legs turning into a closed bird beak, and crescent-dagger like wings swept back toward the face. as a finishing touch I wanted to draw a toilet roll so that the face would be protruding from it but due to a lack of space it ended up as a nondescript tube.

so i can do impulsive drawings at work when being partisan to [...] gets too much and i need to show there *is* someone in here, a person, the lights *are* on and someone *is* home. but in my own time, what do i do? take the urge to make some form of digital audio/music - no, it's too much effort i tried it last year. take the urge to do some more intentional drawing - no, without the psychological discomfort of work i'm lost and simply scribble. take the urge to do painting - i'm sure i could paint better than those daubings of mine hanging up in the home - no, i don't have a suitable space in which to work, then it would need storing, then i'd need to try and sell it. there is so much art/creativity on the net to compete with. what's the point. increasing everyday. destroy my written voice. descend into light bulbs. track dumbell herds. prick holes into pastry demons. stand on the boulders of clients. a client heap, bound by egg and push-rolled along by a dung beetle the size of a diplodocus. fail.

once or twice i've been told to lighten up. recently while driving in car and listening to music - not even depressing music, but certainly not happy bubbly pop pop pop pop - i've found my smile inverted quite forcibly. the experience of driving is an unpleasant one. lighten up.

please all young people heed my advice here: any advice given to you which takes less than ten words to express should be rightfully ignored, or at least, taken with a pinch of salt. but what if like me you never have a pinch of salt to hand? or you don't reach it in time? or you don't even recognize the salt is there or needed? fail.

is there a minimum number of words in which good advice can be expressed? is a minimum of ten words too generous? might say a minimum of twenty words improve the quality of advice given? this minimum word count for advice proffered should be enforced by law and those whom break the law should be punished suitably.

10:21 Tuesday 20 November 2012

slag lull

(written before bed last night in early hours of this morning)

Chalk pit critique of dynamo driven saws says Sandwich ain't so far away, the seagul lulls in dynamite trite, slays resonant teabags. Despite all of what you say, conjuring of theory to back you up, I still don't see art there. Not the art that captured the imagination of my youth. If it gives me the choice over take it or leave it, I don't have a choice but to leave it: it's easier. So my critique of your art which appears to me so artless, is that it takes too much effort. But no, that is not it. Should the art not at least try and ensnare one? Should it not attract it's victim to it? Many pesto sauces try to do this. The green and blue of nature for example. The artless guffaws of the writer as he writes this. Sniggering at his own jokes. He's not doing that at the moment, but there has been plenty of times when he has. And plenty of times before now that he has done what he does now: worry about the suitability.

The vegan's beagle ego claps and trots the bots rotational rot pot clot. Clop clop clip clap. Many pestilent three saw sees Buddhist. The latrine and shower of neo-nature do this, for example, overly-tight hamstrings. Stop writing this nonsense. Non secateurs, like pruning with a bandage. A stymied thread, locked blocked, at fault, last in, first freaked out. Now then, if an artist, an artist in dispute, in dispute with himself over the qualification of artist, a qualification like a sticky label self-attached. Proclaiming like an unmade bed (sic). Emanation.

What is the effect of sport on artists? How does physical exercise effect the artist brain? Can an artist be physically fit and still make art (regardless of case)? What is the effect of repetitious factory work on artists? Where are the scientific studies of this? When does cardinal syntax come into play? Can an artist be physically fit, or at least, have a healthy heartbeat and still make good art? Can an artist sustain three hours of cycling off road - I do this I do this I do this - cycling off road, 32 miles, legs fucked, feet cold and wet, nearly got chilblains, god, I'm a man, big man, hero, the fucking hero, worship mean fleas, you fleas, worship mean , me, I am god to your porky bellies, bow down to my biceps and six pack you pathetic overlords bow down, oh, bow down, bow down.

Bow down to my mullet, my unshaven face, my labourers hands and dirty fingernails, you flea-ridden pestilent scrotes.

10:15 Tuesday 20 November 2012

hirst the bratwurst

hirst the bratwurst
the perfect pickled sausage

10:09 Tuesday 20 November 2012

People Vs Machines

This time an initial word is chosen and each iteration of sentence interpolation uses each letter of the initial word in sequence.

This was written on the 29th October 2012.


People passing playfully proves plentiful pay

Popular egotistic passions estrange pressure entwined personal energy purity

Percussion's ecstatic ovoid pings elsewhere often prefer, electronic
ontological pangs even otherwise politely expressively order put

Pedestals entertainingly owl posts provide efficient oscillation
predefined poses ever obviating pestilent peculiar egregious osmosis
pithy places excess ox prison posterior

Pentagonal etching on personal lucky placards, each oblong,
pragmatically less portray  expensive opals primarily logistics,
pensive effusive ostentatious penchant liquidated pardons

Plastic elongated originating photographic lovely enriched polymers
effortlessly omnipotent, philanthropic leering energy prickle elastic
ocular pots, lichen enlisted poison enchanted outer phlegmatic
laminated empty pistachios

Emperors over Portugal, lowly erring, eradicating orthogonal
parentage, lacerating enmities, excessive orgasmic portentous
luminescent eightfold excitement orthodoxies, pleading like enmeshed
erroneously ominous platitudes, liars emphasis, expect oiks
patronizing exodus, exaltation

oinking pig lightens exiting oligarchies, plummeting love, eyes of
pitiful leafless edited oaks packing leached elephant offal

practice lessens extended pretending life ever previously lopped,
eloped, plundered leftist effervescent psychological lint egg

loosely emancipating leveraged eagle linen eager licking epithets likely

eking emergency electricity


Machines motion metal medics

Might angrily moves arrogant massive alpine mountain

Must agree certainly, metabolize antelope cooked meat and check measures

Messy anamorphic client hears meetings annoyingly can help mollify
aging creative hacker managers

Mincing ass clap hurries inside, murmurs aptly cheer "hatchets I
minimize acrid cheap housed isosceles, molten alluminium cow head
iridescent masks"

Mixed anterior carefree hero ignores nano memory, also coyly heuristic
idiot, neither may artlessly, crushingly, hesitatingly, irrationally,
noisily, madden additional chided hopeless impish nether marksmen

Money always clearly hushes irreverent nubile exoskeleton means, apes
cloyingly hot, insects now energetically making aristocrats cheat
hornets internally numbered ever more

Magic ashes clop house integers, nose etching melts, asymmetric
chained hogs innards nearing Ellie's mimetic ankh cleat hits ivory nut
egg moulds

And clasp hadrons idle nemesis entwined, as changing hotels iterate
notions edgily, androgyny codifies haptic issued nicety emphatically
answers: chalk heterogony inkling nascent earth accept

Cradled hewn iridium nearly exploding chinks, hexagonal igloo nodding
egress collapse hitting infinitely, nudging eternity chaotically

Ham is nagging elder homily in nauseous estranging horrified iguana
narcotic equilibrium herd

it's never early, irrelevant nuns escape, impale newest echoing idols

numinous escarpment nullity eerily negates easing numb ended nefarious
enlisted nits

enraptured equality expects escallops

Another text written where the choice of word is dictated by the letter it starts with being predetermined at the start of each iteration of sentence interpolation. This particular text demonstrates the iterative nature and the letter choice in action. The first sentence has only a single iteration, the second has two iterations, and so on, until the seventh sentence when the starting letter 'e' is removed. This is because in this text, only six initial sentences using words begining with 'e' were written to start with.

This was written on the 29th October 2012.

Entirely exceeding earlier entwinings earwigs entertain earnest entities

Empathy lucidly emphasizes live emotional large elephants lovingly
exercising lust early last evening

Educational link meet events lethargically might elude lascivious

Elementary living, meaning passing existence, loosely miss potter, evades
legal machine punch entrapment laws

 Ellriptical lasso man preaches random emanation, largely moose pen rope
enticing logarithnic math problem rich encapsulation, languidly moving
person rear ends least maddening potentially rarely eloquent logical mustard
paste revolutionary expression

Enriched legume meal provides real tangible edification, literally,
mockingly, probably roughly tentitively entitles leisurely matched post
render topography, experimental local map producing ripe treacley elderberry
lunch methodological panacetta rusticca timed eating enjoyment

Lust mineral pertubation radish tearing leaves mary's polemical ravished
tuberous legs massively politely regulation tight loyally merrily prettily
rythmically tiredly limp

Mellow parochial rectangular tailed moggy proudly retro trended, modifies
putrid retail Tuna, musky pea ridden turnip midden many plentifull raucous
Taurean mornings

Private renegade tells people relegate toward pensively, righteously to
promulgate rigourous technically psychic rotational teaching phenomena

Relentless tends reptillian taught reflexes training radicalize thirty
rhomboid teac railings

Tiny turtles tag terrapin tazors.

This was written at work on my mobile phone. I had roughly 15 seconds per minute while waiting for the machine. 26th October 2012

Hewn Valueless crunching silence darkens bingo heuristic void chap
shimmering delight but hurried version clamp shared detour bumpf

Happy Versed casual solitude delineates both his visually cut salient
disorder banished

Her Vapidly clean sheering dog beep hops veering cracked serated drip bin
hinting voicelessness crucially stopped dream button

Hippy Vanquished credible stutter deranged between her vast clammy sequinned
drunk blue holographic vista cathode shank detail beginning

Hoping Valed clomping slalom double blindly helps verbiage car sale dick

Hearing Violent creative sultry dashed break heart ventrilloquist chin
splint daughter blip hushed vat canopy seepage dollar blanket

Heroic Vertical cup scraping dunking boulshy hippopottamous vanguard cheek
slapping drastic bleat haptic vellum cheered scrote dork breath

Highly Vehement crashing shopaholic humping vegan caught strangling his
vortex collapsed scraping have video cash swindle

Hits Valiently cuddling squashed delapidating banned hunger virtuous
champion slave has violin dave botham chipped spanking hypnotic vacuum
drinking bolton cello scare

Hexagonal Vanishing cheats stamp damning brimming hashish van cluster
screamed doing bold hewn vent camera soilder dump beacon

Valueless crunching silence darkens void chap shimmering delight version
clamp shared detour

Versed casual solitude delineates visually cut salient disorder

Vapidly clean sheering dog veering cracked serated drip voicelessness
crucially stopped dream

Vanquished credible stutter deranged vast clammy sequinned drunk vista
cathode shank detail

Valed clomping slalom double verbiage car sale dick

Violent creative sultry dashed ventrilloquist chin splint daughter vat
canopy seepage dollar

Vertical cup scraping dunking vanguard cheek slapping drastic vellum cheered
scrote dork

Vehement crashing shopaholic vegan caught strangling vortex collapsed
scraping video cash swindle

Valiently cuddling squashed delapidating virtuous champion slave violin dave
chipped spanking vacuum drinking cello scare

Vanishing cheats stamp damning van cluster screamed doing vent camera
soilder dump

16:37 Friday 16 November 2012

Visions Stipulate Value Shed

This is a short text I wrote on the 26th October 2012 and posted online. It is written by adhering to a process: firstly, a group of sentences were written using only words beginning with V. Secondly, after each word beginning with V, add a word beginning with S. The text was written on my mobile phone during idle cycle time while at work (roughly 15 seconds idle time per minute).

Valueless silence void shimmering version shared

Versed solitude visually salient

Vapidly sheering veering serated voicelessness stopped

Vanquished stutter vast sequinned vista shank

Valed slalom verbiage sale

Violent sultry ventrilloquist splint  vat seepage

Vertical scraping vanguard slapping vellum scrote

Vehement shopaholic vegan strangling vortex scraping video swindle

Valiently squashed virtuous slave violin spanking vacuum scare

Vanishing stamp van screamed vent soilder

16:30 Friday 16 November 2012

plop plop

Short piece I wrote on 23rd October 2012 and posted online.

I go to work and do plop plop and am paid plop plop wages. I've got a degree
in plop plop from the university of plop plop and owe plop plop to the
student plop plop company whom I don't repay because I don't earn enough
plop plop.

At work I make hudreds of plop plops everyday but am paid less than fifty
plop plops a day. I go home and watch plop plop on the tv. Turn on the
computer and surf plop plops and dowload plop plops and listen to plop

I flush plop. plop down the toilet. Time is plop plop, I eat plop plop,
write plop plop, read plop plop, think, feel, desire plop plop. 

We all want more plop plop.

Life is plop plop. Plop plop plop plop plop plop plop plop.

You'll get a life full of it, plop plop. My dear plop plop.

Infinite plop plop, quantum plop plop. They want my plop plop they don't
want my plop plop.




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