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March 2013

23:57 Wednesday 27 March 2013

Pilgrims Hospice 75 mile Cycle Challenge

On the 5th May 2013 I will be cycling 75 miles to support the Pilgrims Hospices, a charity providing specialist palliative care to the people of East Kent (UK).

Please consider supporting me and the Pilgrims Hospices with a sponsorship donation, any amount much appreciated. Thank you.

09:54 Wednesday 27 March 2013

Exercises in Boredom Resistance #1

Exercises in Boredom Resistance #1

Please complete all exercises.

Ex. 1) Pluck ten unrelated words at random from your mind.

  abrupt         cage
   tangle        meadow
validated         orchestrate
 pothole          tumble
reaching        near

These words will now be referred to as keywords.

Ex. 2) Write three sentences each using three keywords. Do not use any
keyword more than once. There will be one keyword unused by the three

Near the meadow I took a tumble

The car came to an abrupt halt on reaching the pothole.

The tangle of wires validated use of the cage.

Ex. 3) Reconstruct the three sentences you have just written. The
meaning of each sentence should remain exactly the same.

I took a tumble near the meadow.

On reaching the pothole the car came to an abrupt halt.

Cage use was validated by the tangle of wires.

Ex. 4) Using the same keyword choices for each sentence written in
exercises 2 and 3, write three new sentences with completely different

On the meadow, near by children tumble.

When discussing potholes, you will always find people reaching abrupt

Locked for days on end in a cage, hair in a tangle, despair feels

Ex. 5) Write ten sentences each using the one unused keyword remaining
from exercise 2.

I will orchestrate my future wealth.

They said they would orchestrate the enemies demise.

The music did not sound like any effort had been made to orchestrate it

The looting of shops in the street is an example of crowd behaviour the
mass media love to orchestrate.

I could not orchestrate a requiem if I wanted to.

Relief to not need to orchestrate the violent thugs away from the
vulnerable was palpable.

There were far too many people for me to orchestrate.

Making sense of all those ones and zeros was a job best left for a
computer to orchestrate.

There are some things I just won't orchestrate.

May humanity not orchestrate any more extinctions.



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